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16 Jul
Highly Adaptive Learning Organizations of the Future

Businesses have experienced significant change largely brought on by digitization and evolving
customer expectations. However, the years 202…

04 Jun
Learning- A Survival Skill

COVID-19 global pandemic has changed lives forever. It's footprint on family trees will remain etched in the memories of millions of families t…

05 May
WFH and the Century of the mind

The Work From Home mandate during Covid 19 is opening up new opportunities and new possibilities. Is there life beyond big cities? Is small Beautiful?

Whether i…

23 Mar
Gearing India for 5G Technology for future growth

The NIIT and Nokia Bell Labs' 5G Certification Programme is all set to train professionals to lead the next-gen of wireless technolo…

15 Dec
Building capabilities academies for the future

Ushering in a New Era of building professional skills, corporate training is adapting futuristic academies

21 Sep
Getting Future Ready

With technology providing steam for all kinds of jobs, what does it take to be a future-skilled star? 

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07 Sep
Racing towards Finance 4.0

From merely crunching numbers to applying tech and skills to derive business insights…the role of a financial professional has come a long w…

25 Aug
SHIFT to the new normal of learning

Even as the global economy redefines the new normal, resilience and innovation will define success for the post-pandemic business world. Busine…

02 Aug
New Education Policy 2020

Even if the government does nothing else, but, as promised, allocates six percent of India's GDP to education, it will be a transformational thing. Funding lies at the heart o…

02 Jul
Online Education: Bored Students and Exhausted Teachers

The Covid-19 pandemic has made "online education" a popular buzzword. Let's be categorical about what it means. Replicating a classroom through communication tools s…

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