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23 Oct
Mastering the Machine

As technology and machines become more prevalent, uniquely human attributes - like customer-centricity, critical thinking, social influence, problem-sol…

08 Aug
NIIT helps Nigeria drive Industry 4.0 trend with Digital workforce

In this age of Digital Transformation—popularly called the Fourth Industrial Revolution—we are seeing the emerge…

07 Aug
Reimagining learning

As tech takes over our world, learning to master it is our only bet for survival says

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18 Jun
Learning Games: Why Instructional Design Needs to be More Like Game Design

Seymour Papert—the brilliant polymath who co-founded the MIT Media Lab—predicted twenty-five years ago that the future of learning would lie in the development of learning game…

22 Mar
Happy Mondays to you!

When companies use algorithms and modern HR-tech to measure smiles at work, it l

31 Jan
Delivering Learning Outcomes at Scale: Re-Skilling Imperatives for Creating the Next Generation of Digital Talent

Digital technologies and business models are disrupting traditional businesses across the globe. The technology needs of these busi…

22 Jan
The Data Paradox

Privacy laws will soon be an integral part of the Indian data landscape.

31 Dec
Talent pipeline: the future of hiring

As technology is reshaping the skills needed for work, Just-in-Time talent is the only win-win situat

27 Dec
Talent vs Technology – the war within

Which is more important – technology or talent? The answer lies in the balance s

26 Dec
Emerging trends in Online Education

Online education, that was once considered humble cousin of mainstream education, has witnessed an upward swing in the last few years. The chan…

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