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18 Apr
GCCs: Bridging the capability gap

Authored by: Dr Yogesh K Bhatt is the EVP and Business Head of StackRoute, an NIIT venture 

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06 Apr
Learning and training for tomorrow’s digital India

Authored by: Abhishek Arora, EVP and Business Head, Skills and Careers Business, NIIT Ltd.Read More

14 Mar
GCCs: Leading the tech game in India

Authored by: Dr. Vishnupriya Raghavan, Head, Products and Solutions, StackRoute, An

10 Mar
Transforming GCCs with knowledge and learning

Supported by an enabling environment of talent, policy support and robust infrastructure, GCCs in India have come a long way. From their humble…

07 Mar
Maggie O’Farrell’s book “Hamnet” – recreating a certain period of Shakespeare’s life – Part 2

(This is part 2 of the essay I posted last week)

Maggie …

01 Mar
Shakespeare – the man, the enigma, and the fictional brilliance of Maggie O’Farrell’s book “Hamnet” in recreating a certain period of Shakespeare’s life – Part 1

(I decided to write this essay in two parts because a s…

24 Jan
Vaccination – a discovery and practice that changed the world, and the context of the anti-vaccination diatribes

It was a bright Spring day in March 1918 when a twenty-seven-year-old cook Albert Mitchell at C…

03 Jan
Management series: Insights into business excellence journey

Authored by - Vipul Sinha, Business Head - Sales & Service Excellence (BU) at NIIT Limited

28 Dec
Mastering the art of digital marketing

Building a promising career in digital marketing will require learning the ropes of the field by industry experts says Abhishek Arora

04 Oct
Why Adaptive Learning Organisations are the Need of the Future

While the business landscape in the past decade has been challenging, the pandemic has been the real pressure test for the resilience of organi…

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