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​Our soft skills training solutions are a shortcut to experience. By giving the right inputs, we can bring the workforce up the learning curve in a fast, cost-effective and timely manner. This not only saves learning time but also helps build and refine a company's workforce, leading to operational excellence and an improvement in the use of English at work.




  • Certificate Program in Basic Spoken English and Logical Reasoning This program enables students who have passed the 8th grade and above to ... Know More
  • Certificate Program in Interview Skills​This Program prepares students to face interviews confidently and increase ... Know More
  • Certificate Program in Spoken English and Personality DevelopmentThis program helps participants to develop a basic English workplace vocabu ... Know More


  • American Voice and Accent, American culture​The program helps learners to gain an understanding of foreign languages a ... Know More
  • Assertive Communication​This program equips participants with skills and style to clearly state th ... Know More
  • Business Communication​This program enables participants to manage corporate communication with e ... Know More
  • Business Etiquette​This workshop is aimed at working professionals keen on improving their et ... Know More
  • Business Writing​This program is designed specifically for people who regularly write e-mai ... Know More
  • Campus to Corporate​This program is aimed at new hires from the campus.  At the commencem ... Know More
  • Collections​The program helps develop the skills of payment collectors through methods ... Know More
  • Conflict Resolution​This program examines conflict styles and allows participants to analyze t ... Know More
  • Conversation Skills​The objective of this program is to equip participants with critical skill ... Know More
  • Creativity and Problem Solving​This challenging yet highly entertaining program revisits many of the thin ... Know More
  • Customer Service​Developing excellent customer service skills is of utmost importance for t ... Know More
  • Delegation Skills​This program is designed to help participants master the art of delegation ... Know More
  • Emotional Intelligence​The course is designed to help participants' master emotional intelligence ... Know More
  • English at work (E@W)​This program helps learners improve communication, mainly spoken, but also ... Know More
  • Fluency and Expression (Grammar)​The program is useful for participants who lack confidence in their spoken ... Know More
  • Influencing Skills​This course enables participants to practice the skills needed for buildin ... Know More
  • Information Skills​This program is helpful for employees who need to digest huge numbers of d ... Know More
  • Interviewing Skills​This program teaches managers to prepare for, conduct and follow up on int ... Know More
  • Leadership Skills​This program is tailored to help participants make the transition from ind ... Know More
  • Negotiation Skills​Negotiation is an innate quality of humans. As a professional, it is impor ... Know More
  • Planning and Prioritization​This program helps employees identify the things they do in a day, the mos ... Know More
  • Sales​This program enables participants to sell consistently and build relations ... Know More
  • Stress Management​The program is designed to analyze how stress impacts all of us in our pro ... Know More
  • Team Building​This program helps participants recognize the importance of teamwork and t ... Know More
  • Telephone Etiquette​The training in telephone etiquette is designed to help participants prese ... Know More
  • Telesales​This program enables participants to improve their listening skills and pr ... Know More
  • Time and Stress Management​This program equips students with practical skills using the mode of discu ... Know More
  • Time Management​This program teaches participants to manage their time in an efficient and ... Know More
  • Training Dynamics/Facilitation Skills​This program equips participants with a structured approach to the plannin ... Know More
  • UK Voice and Accent, UK culture​The program helps learners to gain an understanding of foreign languages a ... Know More