DevOps is becoming the most popular and efficient approach to cloud computing, enabling organizations to deliver applications and services at high velocity. When development and operations work collaboratively, organizations can develop and market products at scale with agility, driving innovation and tangible business impact. At NIIT, our cloud DevOps programs are designed to help your IT workforce become highly proficient in DevOps practices.


Systems Engineering

  • Use Git to manage code repository, code versioning and configuration management.
  • Design, planning and deployment of a full IT landscape as part of the Capstone project
  • Work in an Agile team environment

Professional Skills

  • Develop a strong sense of self-efficacy that enables the learner to confidently manage challenges confidently
  • Sharpen communication and articulation skills
  • Collaborate with others in managing infrastructure

Networking and Cloud IT Infrastructure Administration

  • Perform basic and core troubleshooting tasks on Linux
  • Perform Network administration
  • Configure & manage application servers
  • Automate tasks using shell scripting
  • Manage and Troubleshoot Advanced Server Configurations
  • Work with Virtualization and Configure Virtual Machines
  • Understand Infra mgmt. for both on-premise data center and cloud data center
  • Manage Cloud Infra provisioning (Servers & Storage)
  • Manage code versioning and configuration management
  • Implement CI/CD pipeline
  • Use tools to build, package and deploy applications as containers
  • Automate the process of deployment using tools such as Ansible, Chef & Puppet
  • Manage Kubernetes cluster