As technology evolves rapidly and has a shorter shelf life, it’s becoming harder for businesses to forecast the resources they need. That’s why full-stack engineers with a comprehensive technology skillset are in high demand. At NIIT Digit, we prepare your workforce with Full-Stack development programs that help them develop the holistic skills they need for success. Our role-based and outcome-driven program helps your workforce acquire the skills to combine programming languages and technology tools with a product engineering approach, test automation and DevOps to become Full Stack Engineers who can create, deploy, integrate, optimize, and automate end-to-end Web applications.


Object Oriented Programming in Java

  • Learn and apply structured programming techniques
  • Understand and implement object-oriented concepts using Java
  • Write SQL queries to retrieve, manage, and manipulate data
  • Utilize appropriate data structures and algorithms to solve problems
  • Build and write automated unit test cases
  • Learn and apply advanced features introduced from Java 8
  • Complete a non-trivial Java project to demonstrate all the skills acquired

Back-end Development

  • Build and test RESTful API back-end using Java Spring framework
  • Utilize the Microservices pattern for development
  • Work in a CI/CD environment - Package, Containerize and Deploy the web application

Front-end Development

  • Author responsive and interactive web pages using HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap & Modern JavaScript
  • Build and test rich front-end Single Page Applications (SPA) using Angular

Full Stack Development

  • Combine programming, tools, and engineering practices to build, test, and deploy a full stack web application as part of the Capstone project
  • Deploy containerized application on Cloud

Software Engineering

  • Use Git to manage code repository, code versioning and configuration management
  • Work in an Agile team environment
  • Apply software engineering and clean coding practices
  • Gain exposure to Test Driven Development (TDD) and Behavior Driven Development (BDD)

Professional Skills

  • Develop strong sense of self-efficacy that enables learner to confidently manage real-world challenges
  • Sharpen communication and articulation skills
  • Collaborate with others in building software
  • Develop a business-focused approach