Training as a Key Enabler

Your workforce needs to keep up with the unprecedented pace of change in technology while driving all-round performance. The pandemic has further brought into spotlight the importance of technology training to build new IT skills with more and more organizations realizing that upskilling and reskilling are critical for success when it comes to bridging skill gaps. However, in a constantly evolving IT landscape, how do you ensure that your teams have the skills they need to get the job done?

A Fragmented Model for IT Training

The current model for procurement and management of IT training is often ad hoc, expensive, and time-consuming. With limited budgets, in-house teams are often stretched thin when it comes to training and skilling the workforce in a landscape of constantly evolving technology. While there are multiple choices available, sourcing IT training providers with in-house resources is often sporadic and episodic with limited visibility on demand and spend.

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Introducing NIIT’s IT Training Aggregation Services

NIIT’s comprehensive IT Training Aggregation services take the cost and chaos out of sourcing and managing multiple IT training vendors, giving your learners a consistent learning experience and enhanced choices across the enterprise for every skill, every time.

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Business Impact

NIIT’s approach to IT Training Aggregation is built on a strong foundation of People, Process, and Technology elements to ensure a successful, optimized, enterprise-wide IT Training strategy and execution.

With a robust end-to-end solution from NIIT, you get a clear line of sight on all your IT training requests tracking them from inception to closure to help you plan demand while optimizing budgets and spend.

Learn how we manage IT training for a leading global technology company and have helped them implement a smart demand planning process resulting in 100% budget utilization and a 30% reduction in administrative costs.

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