NIIT has a deep partnership with Immerse, an open and scalable enterprise platform for VR, AR and 3D employee experience. The partnership combines the unique design and pedagogical strengths of NIIT with the power of the Immerse platform to create transformative learning experiences that deliver business impact.

Built for enterprise from the ground up, the platform helps companies create, scale and deploy VR training and maximize their ROI. As a frontrunner in training and education, the team at Immerse recognized this potential early and focused on developing an open platform to help companies accelerate their use of VR. Immerse works with some of the world's largest companies across business sectors and industries for both training and assessment programs.


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The Immerse Platform empowers organizations to create, import and distribute enterprise-ready content with minimal expertise required. The tracking capabilities provide extensive reporting and a range of measurable insights. It enables organizations to easily distribute VR content across devices while ensuring enterprise-grade secure worldwide delivery. The partnership with Immerse allows us to bypass the hurdles of a traditional LMS or LXP and enables seamless integration with in-house systems for a simplified user journey.

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