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Most young people aspire to take up a good job. A good job not only provides the financial independence but also opens up avenues for future growth. Often what stands between a good job and a young person is absence of "Skills for Employability". Also, though schools and universities provide knowledge in various subjects, enough focus on providing skills that employers are really looking for is not there. The absence of these vital skills leads to young people struggling to get a job and employers struggling to get the skilled people


Industry Relevant Technologies : The curriculum covers the most relevant technologies that is required to be productive at the workplace.
Work Simulations : The Programs have special modules called the "Work Simulations". These modules simulate real life work situations and expose the learners to execute frequent work place tasks in a guided environment.
Mapped to Prestigious Global IT Certification Exams : The curriculum prepares the students for many Global IT Certification Examinations. This helps learners take these exams and acquire prestigious certificates to get an edge in the job market.
Multiple Domains : To ensure that students prepare for a job in their area of interest, the Rapid Employability Programs provide a choice of multiple domains like Hardware & Networking, Web Design & Development and Management Information Systems etc.



PROGRAMME DETAILS : This course enables the learners with the complete hands-on skills for the MIS function within the organization and how it needs to be projected to the senior management.

EXIT PROFILE : Web Designer

PROGRAMME DETAILS : This course aims to teach aspiring professionals how to design and create websites and host them.

EXIT PROFILE : Android App Developer

PROGRAMME DETAILS : This program focuses on application level APIs and imparts in-depth skills to develop user and data-centric mobile applications and utilities on the Android platform. This program imparts skills in Android application development including working with graphics, multimedia, connectivity, and location-based services. In addition, the learner will learn to debug, deploy and test mobile applications.

EXIT PROFILE : Desktop Support Technician

PROGRAMME DETAILS : This course aims to teach aspiring professionals how to install, upgrade, repair, configure, optimize, troubleshoot, and perform preventative maintenance on basic personal computer hardware and operating systems.

EXIT PROFILE : Desktop Publisher

PROGRAMME DETAILS : This course enables a student to use Microsoft Office software for creating, managing, analyzing, and sharing information.

EXIT PROFILE : Oracle Database Administrator

PROGRAMME DETAILS : This course aims to teach aspiring professionals about the fundamentals of databases. In addition it enables the learners with the knowledge of Planning, Installing, configuring, managing, querying, and troubleshooting a Oracle database.

EXIT PROFILE : Network Security Engineer (CISCO)

PROGRAMME DETAILS : This course is a comprehensive program from CISCO, addressing the need of the Infrastructure Management Services with a range of Network services, network devices, managing networks, troubleshooting networks to provide practical and experimental learning experience to the students. In this program, Cisco modules will enable students to acquire CCNA and CCNP certifications.