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NIIT’s career programs are designed and developed on the basis of an extensive research conducted by NIIT. The curriculum incorporates use of state-of-the-art technologies and training methods to ensure that the student emerges with skills that are in line with the industry requirements. The curriculum progresses by giving the student the ability to learn, understand and grasp a series of problems, which increase in its level of scope and context to give the student the desired profile at the end of the program. This curriculum is also powered by NIIT’s revolutionary methodology, which provides the teacher with the power to mould the learning style dependent on the profile of the Learners.



  • Certificate in Dreamweaver​Dreamweaver is a flexible and powerful, world-class web design tool that i... Know More
  • Certificate in Flash CS3​This course enables participants to create web pages or web page component... Know More
  • Certificate in Illustrator​During this course, participants learn to use Adobe Illustrator CS3 by dra... Know More
  • Certificate in PC Support and MaintenanceThis program covers basic computer hardware and operating systems, includin... Know More
  • Certificate in Photoshop​This course enables participants to design creative artifacts or component... Know More
  • Certificate in Protocols and Internetworking StandardsThis course teaches participants the skills and knowledge necessary to supp... Know More
  • Certificate Program in Linux​Linux has evolved as a Unix-based operating system with a GUI. It is a low... Know More
  • GNIIT (Infrastructure Management Services) Designed to be pursued along with graduation, NIIT’s flagship program GNIIT... Know More
  • GNIIT (Software Engineering) ​Designed to be pursued along with graduation, NIIT’s flagship program GNII... Know More
  • Honors Diploma in Web DevelopmentIn today’s scenario, organizations create their global presence through the... Know More
  • Professional Diploma in Game Development​Electronic gaming, which first drew curiosity in the 1980s, is now one of ... Know More