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NIIT provides Training Solutions on high-end technologies, core domain functions, soft-skills, Executive Management, Channel Enablement Services and Managed Training Services (MTS). These encompass Learning Content, Learning Delivery, Learning Technology and Learning Administration. NIIT enables customers to reduce costs, sharpen their business focus and drive quantifiable results. Over the last three decades, NIIT has introduced many innovations in the area of talent development, setting new benchmarks for the industry to emulate. Today, NIIT is a Global Talent Development Corporation known for its extensive innovations in learning and knowledge solutions delivery.


 Banking, Financial Services & Insurance Industry

  • Domain Training in BFSI​NIIT offers customized training programs based on the requirements of bank... Know More
  • Functional, Soft Skills and Behavioral Training​This is a bouquet of training programs that help meet the marketing and sa... Know More

 Business Process Management

  • BPM Solutions​NIIT Uniqua’s training systems transform an employee from a novice to a we... Know More
  • BPM–Domain Training​These are training solutions related to a particular field of specializati... Know More
  • Business Training Programs for BPMs​NIIT Uniqua provides training solutions to employees at every stage in the... Know More

 Executive Management

  • Long Duration Management Programs ​These domain-specific detailed programs range in duration from six months ... Know More
  • Short Duration Programs​These are specific programs in the areas of Taxation, Digital Marketing, F... Know More

 Information Technology

  • Roll-out Solutions​Our roll-out training solutions are aimed at corporates that constantly ne... Know More
  • Technology Training​In a world where technology is continually evolving, it is not easy for yo... Know More

 Soft Skills

  • Channel Enablement Solutions​From consumer electronics, automobiles, telecom providers to large format ... Know More
  • Soft skills Training​The ever-changing corporate environment requires people who are equipped w... Know More