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In this age of Digital Transformation (DT), when organizations are 'going Digital' to survive and thrive, one significant challenge could upset the applecart. It is being said that paucity of people with Digital Transformation skills—India alone will require around one million newly trained Digital professionals by 2020--could severely impede the Digital revolution.

Taking into account this reality, NIIT is working to fashion the world's futuristic, future-ready and future-proof Digital Transformation (DT) workforce.

The company has recently launched pioneering programs in Digital Transformation that have been tailor-made for, and endorsed by the IT industry and will help the sector bridge the massive skills gaps it is facing within this realm.

The training programs are targeted at young aspirants wishing to enter the Digital services industry, as well as IT professionals looking to embrace new skills for the Digital world.

NIIT is addressing the burgeoning Digital Transformation space through:

  • An all new umbrella of Digital Transformation (DigiNxt) courses based on the concept of project-based learning in sunrise areas such as Java Enterprise Engineering with DevOps, Big Data and Data Sciences, Web Technologies, Database systems, cloud computing, Mobile, Information Management Services (IMS), Security, Enterprise Applications,  Telecom and Embedded Systems, Project Management, Internet of Things (IoT), Visual Design, Games Development, Design Thinking, Robotics, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning and Virtual Reality

  • A revolutionary initiative called StackRouteTM to create multi-skilled and multi-disciplinary full-stack programmers with advanced expertise. These professionals can become key members of high-performance teams in top-notch product engineering companies, start-ups, and IT firms. The ‘Super Programmers’ will also be well equipped to create their own technology start-ups 

And that's not all. NIIT is reaching out to corporate and government institutions with a wide range of training and consulting solutions that support them in their Digital Transformation journeys.

In order to make these solutions available and address the leadership and management needs of enterprises and institutions, NIIT has forged an exclusive partnership with US-based OpenMatters LLC. OpenMatters' offerings, which complement NIIT's Digital Transformation learning portfolio, enable companies to reskill their entire workforce—from CXOs to front-line workers.

NIIT has additionally appointed Barry Libert, CEO of OpenMatters and a globally renowned Digital Leadership and Business Model Transformation expert as the Digital Advisor to its Board. Barry's valuable advice will help NIIT build and execute a Digital Transformation roadmap for customers in India, China and Emerging Markets.

Interestingly, we have also developed a 360° learning eco-system to help our enterprise and institutional clients deal with technological disruptions and rapidly transform how they go about their business.  

Recognizing that traditional training approaches are not adequate, we are helping enterprise clients change their focus from training delivery to continuous learning.  

We are in fact, enabling this learning transformation to happen by partnering with customers in designing and deploying a 360° learning eco-system that's just right for them and their learners. 

Our 360° learning eco-system is designed to aid formal, structured learning, which is also nimble and agile, to assist participants, teams, businesses, and enterprises in various phases of their life cycle.  

Being an independent training advisor with extensive knowledge and experience, NIIT is helping enterprises and institutions to equip their people with the right knowledge and skills. In this way, it is enabling customers to compete effectively within their respective domains, cut costs, build stakeholder confidence, expand market reach, scale operational agility, and improve business and profitability.

NIIT, the First Choice for acquiring Digital Transformation skills

There are several reasons why NIIT is the preferred destination for individual learners as well as enterprises and institutions keen to prepare for the Digital environment. They include the fact that:

  • NIIT has created distinctive and immersive learning methodologies that help it create better content
  • We have built learning technology platforms such as, and our Managed Training Services that enable multi-modal delivery
  • NIIT has invested in infrastructure for synchronous learning delivery–studios, distributed learning delivery, and a Network Operations Center (NOC)
  • It has a 24x7 managed learning services contact center
  • NIIT has EASE, its unique platform for learning metrics and learning analytics
  • It is investing in next-generation learning experiences using gamification and virtual reality
  • By working closely with customers in the technology arena, NIIT has built an unmatched understanding and first-hand knowledge of the changing and evolving skills needs of tech-backed organizations
  • NIIT has an established proof of success in servicing the stringent internal re-skilling requirements of leading global corporates
  • NIIT’s project-based, revolutionary DigiNxt Series of programs focus on special learning goals, including standards-based content and skills such as critical thinking/problem-solving, collaboration, and self-management 

Fast facts on Digital Transformation

  • According to industry experts, Digitally Transformed organizations are 26 percent more profitable than their industry competitors

  • Global spending on Digital Transformation technologies is expected to cross USD 2.1 billion by 2019

  • By 2018, 35 percent of IT resources will be spent to support the creation of new Digital revenue streams

  • By 2020 almost 50 percent of IT budgets will be tied to Digital Transformation initiatives

  • Digital Transformation is going to drive the next phase of growth in the IT Industry

  • Both IT companies as well as IT departments of large corporations are scrambling to address the acute shortage of skills

  • According to MIT Centre for Digital Business, 77 percent of organizations consider missing Digital skills as the key hurdle to their transformation strategy

  • Indian and global IT companies are investing heavily in building Digital Transformation skills to enable their clients to transform Digitally