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​​NIIT is among the world’s leading skills and talent development corporations offering learning management and training delivery solutions to organizations, institutions and individuals.

A pioneer in its field, NIIT has introduced many innovations in the area of educational technology (EdTech) that deliver a higher user experience.

Innovation in fact, is not new to NIIT. Since its inception in 1981, the company has launched a series of path-breaking firsts that have established it as a leader within its chosen domain.

From introducing multimedia technology into education in 1982, to launching the Computerdrome for students, to introducing the revolutionary I-Write computer software for the handicapped, to launching NetVarsity, its virtual university, NIIT has consistently done something new to wow its customers.

NIIT uses blended learning models combining brick learning centers with online learning capabilities and synchronous learning technology to impart its training.

NIIT’s EdTech initiatives including Cloud Campus and NIIT.tv are enabling thousands of learners across India to ac​cess online certificate courses on an anytime, anywhere basis.

NIIT’s Cloud Campus was launched in 2013 to take high quality education and training to the remotest parts of the world. The wide range of online training courses available on Cloud Campus enable students to learn from the best teachers, irrespective of their geographic location.

Students can receive hands-on practice through lab exercises in machine rooms at the NIIT centers. Cloud Campus offers a unique ‘Anywhere Lab’ feature, which allows students to practice the application of concepts learnt in class, from anywhere, while chatting with experts as they seek answers to their queries. Cloud Campus additionally ensures consistent, high-quality learning experiences.

Students benefit from expert instructors teaching from a central studio while simultaneously having access to facilitators present in their classrooms. Interactions are not limited to just students in the same classroom. Rather students can communicate and collaborate with fellow learners across all locations.

Today, a specialized 200-strong EdTech team is driving the technology transformation within NIIT, helping the company further strengthen its “EdTech” capabilities.

NIIT.tv is yet another a disruptive digital learning initiative that brings skilling from NIIT classrooms to every digitally connected learner, for free, at any time and place of their choice. This innovation delivers skill-based live, on-line training courses to the masses.

Besides its technology-enabled platforms, NIIT has introduced a pioneering solution—StackRoute—that offers companies programming courses on Digital Transformation to meet their talent needs.

StackRouteTM enables organizations to create full-stack, super programmers with the necessary experience and knowledge for the start-up industry. These multi-skilled and multi-disciplinary programmers can work in high-performance teams in product engineering companies, start-ups, and IT firms or their own start-ups.

In fact, recognizing the growing momentum of the Digital Transformation wave sweeping the world, NIIT has taken another revolutionary step. It has launched programs focused on building manpower for this market and catalyzing its future growth. The company, which provided relevantly skilled manpower to spur the growth of India’s IT industry, is now doing the same for the Digital Transformation domain. Programs in MEAN Stack, Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Design Thinking, Robotics, etc., under the umbrella of ‘DigiNxt’, are expected to take NIIT’s IT training to the next, more advanced level.

Owing to these programs, India will be able to meet the demand for over one million newly trained Digital professionals by 2020. This move will align NIIT’s Skills and Careers Group with the manpower needs of the tech sector across the globe.

And that’s not all. NIIT’s other businesses too have raised the bar for innovation, like the School’s Learning Group (SLG), represented by NIIT’s wholly-owned subsidiary, the MindChampion Learning Systems Ltd. The organization that reaches out to more than a million students is changing and transforming their lives through its new age NIIT nGuru range of learning solutions. These offerings are not only enabling schools to ride the Digital wave through Education Resource Planning software, they are also bringing the fun back into learning. New and unique ways of engaging 21st century learners such as Interactive Classrooms with digital content, a technology-driven Math Lab and an IT Wizard program are making learning ‘cool’ and convenient.

NIIT’s Corporate Learning Group delivers greater value by leveraging state-of-the-art educational technologies. Among the different functions, two are specifically noteworthy. These are the Learning Technology Group and the Rich Media Group.

NIIT’s Learning Technology Group provides a learning-cum-training platform as a hosted solution. The hosted platform enables the delivery of managed training services to corporations. Besides several useful features that are aimed at benefiting corporate training departments, the hosted platform enables scheduling, tracking and reporting on training. These features are particularly relevant and beneficial for certifications, compliance audits and critical qualifications or competencies. The Learning Technology Group is able to customize, align and adapt the base solution to specific company requirements and its extended enterprise.

NIIT’s Rich Media Group has over 200 content engineers, media, testing, and project management experts that are qualified in the latest Rich Media technologies. The Rich Media Group is able to provide innovative solutions for large-scale content projects in corporations, publishing organizations, new age media companies and education providers with rich media needs.

Clearly, NIIT has established its credentials as a leading EdTech company, a global talent and skills development major that is using technological innovation as its USP to provide unique learning offerings to a wide spectrum of customers.​​