HTML5 Programming


  • Total Duration 68 Hours
  • Course Fees ₹ 8,500
  • Course Type Classroom + Online

Hands-On Expertise in HTML5

Intensive Learning

2010+ Learners

Expert Faculty

  • 44 hours of classroom training with hands on experience in HTML5 programming
  • Learn to develop interactive, appealing, and dynamic Web pages using HTML5.


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Web pages on the Internet are created using Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML). Knowing this language is important for developing Web pages. Many organizations use HTML to create web sites. In the IT industry there are jobs related to Web development that require knowledge of HTML. HTML5 is the fifth version of this language that includes latest features that makes websites interactive and easy to read and navigate.

Websites need to be dynamic, interactive, and secure to maintain interest of users. This course builds the skills to develop interactive, appealing, and dynamic Web pages using HTML5. In addition, this course discusses the usage of CSS and JavaScript in the layout and implementation of Web pages.  

  Learning Objectives

  1. Create and format Web pages & Web sites
  2. Create tables, forms, and other Web page components using HTML
  3. Create a cascading style sheet
  4. Write JavaScript programs
  5. Transform and animate canvas elements
  6. Add visual effects using jQuery
  7. Implement geolocation and offline support
  • Create web pages and web sites
  • Tables, forms and other forms using HTML5
  • Cascading Style Sheet
  • JavaScript
  • Transform and Animate Canvas Elements
  • Add Visuals using Jquery
  • Geolocation and Offline Support

Candidates with knowledge of programming logics and/or experience with any programming language