Course offered at select NIIT Centres

Email Marketing Short-Term Courses


  • Total Duration Hybrid Learning
  • Course Type Classroom + Online
Classroom + app based learning

Classroom + app based learning

Industry Experience Faculty

Industry Experience Faculty

Faculty Guidance through app

Faculty Guidance through app

Hands-on application of tools

Hands-on application of tools

Course offered at select NIIT Centres

  • Starts from the basics of digital marketing, No pre-requisites required
  • Learn to create email marketing strategy and email marketing campaigns
  • Extensive Learning hours with 22 hours of classroom training including the classroom assessment with additional 20 hours of online guided practice for better learning and increased retention
  • Hybrid Learning with Guided practice & Weekly Practice quiz questions on the app along with the classroom sessions
  • Hands-on course with practical application on real platforms


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Program equips you with hands-on expertise in creating email marketing strategy and building email marketing campaigns, participants are first brought upto speed with the basics of digital marketing and after developing the understanding of digital marketing one progresses towards gaining expertise in email marketing.

Learning Objective 

  1. Overview of Digital marketing, its channels, strategies and components
  2. Overview of Social media marketing, its goals, platforms and tools
  3. Overview of Mobile marketing and its components
  4.  Building Email Marketing Strategy
  5.  List Acquisition and List Building Strategies
  6.  Effective Email Design and Content
  7.  Reports for an Email Campaign
  8.  Email Automation
  • Introduction to Digital Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Have basic knowledge of working in the Windows environment and internet


Who should join this course?

i. A learner should be familiar with the Windows environment
ii. Able to read and comprehend English

Why is this course Unique?

1. Unique Curriculum: The course is designed to make one conversant with Digital Marketing and proficient in Email Marketing tools and techniques starting from the fundamentals of digital marketing.

2. Extensive hands-on skills: The student will gain competence through hands-on learning in the latest tools and techniques, which are being widely used in the Digital Marketing industry.

3. Online learning: Apart from the regular ILT classroom sessions, the students will have access to online learning and practice on and NIIT student app.

4. Expert Faculty: Faculty with experience of working in the Data Analytics industry will deliver the program. This will help the student understand the working environment and learn to apply concepts.

What learning resources are available?

Expert Faculty: Experienced faculty in related field interacting with students. Apart from guiding students on concepts and its implementation, he will pose challenges to learners to think through all the topics leading to better learning and increased retention.

Study Material: Students will be provided with advanced study materials.

Hands-on Learning: Learners need to bring their laptops to the classroom for the session, where apart from the fundamental theoretical knowledge they are also given hands-on practice on various digital marketing scenarios.

What topics are covered as a part of the curriculum?

Introduction to Digital Marketing

  • Introduction to Digital Marketing
  • Introduction to Social Media Marketing
  • Defining Brand Medium
  • Introduction to Mobile Marketing
  • Mobile Marketing Plan

Email Marketing

  • Email Marketing Strategy
  • List Acquisition and List Building Strategies
  • Effective Email Design and Content
  • Reports for an Email Campaign
  • Email Automation
What are the pre-requisites for the enrolment?

Have basic knowledge of working in the Windows environment and internet

What certificates will I be receiving for this course?
1 Graded Certificate Only students successfully completing the program with a CWAP of >=50% will be awarded the Graded Certificate in “Email Marketing” 2 Participation Certificate Students who do not appear for the Appraisals or score a CWAP of < 50% will be issued only a Participation Certificate in “Email Marketing”.
What will be my takeaway from this course?

At the end of this program, the learner will be able to: • Understand and have an overview of Digital Marketing • Create Email Marketing Strategy • Run Email Marketing Campaigns

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