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GCCs: Leading the tech game in India

14, Mar 2022 Authored by: Dr. Vishnupriya Raghavan, Head, Products and Solutions, StackRoute, An NIIT venture

Around two decades after the first captive centre was set up in Bengaluru, India is now home to more than 1500 GCCs.. Most of these are headquartered in the US but there are quite a few GCCs of compan...


Transforming GCCs with knowledge and learning

10, Mar 2022 Authored by: Bimaljeet Singh Bhasin, President, Skills and Careers Business (India), NIIT Limited

Supported by an enabling environment of talent, policy support and robust infrastructure, GCCs in India have come a long way. From their humble beginnings as process hubs, GCCs today are driving the t...


Maggie O’Farrell’s book “Hamnet” – recreating a certain period of Shakespeare’s life – Part 2

07, Mar 2022 Authored by: Balasubramaniam N

Maggie O Farrell in her author's note at the end of the novel "Hamnet" mentions that her story was inspired by a single fact in Shakespeare's life: the death of his son Hamnet in Stratford, Warwickshi...

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