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As a trusted partner, NIIT MTS helps some of the world’s leading organizations transform learning for business impact.

Our Story: The Crucible of an IT Superpower

The idea of NIIT was born on a rainy, monsoon evening in Mumbai over endless cups of tea, way back in 1981. Two engineering graduates from the Indian Institute of Technology, New Delhi were envisioning the future of Information Technology training and founded a company that is now considered the crucible of India’s IT revolution. By imparting information technology education to non-technical graduates, NIIT revolutionized the technology landscape in India.

From being India’s most trusted education brand, NIIT has grown to earn the trust of many Fortune and Global 500 companies in over 30 countries over the past four decades. NIIT’s experienced team of learning professionals and experts help the world’s leading companies solve complex business and talent challenges by transforming their learning ecosystems.

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Transformative L&D Services and Solutions

Today, the world’s best run learning functions across 30 countries trust us with their learning and talent. Since 1981, we have helped leading companies transform their learning ecosystems while increasing the business value of learning.


Years of Pure Play Learning Experience


Global Presence in 30 Countries


Fortune 1000 and Global 500 Customers


L&D Suppliers Worldwide


Honors and Awards


Hours of Custom Content Developed Annually


Annual Training Days


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Strong Global Trainer Network

Our Culture, Our People

Ask any NIITian what drives them and the answer will likely be passion. We have a passion to deliver learning excellence to our customers. We have a culture of collaboration and positive regard for each other. As our vision document states – our growth is the derivative of the collective growth of every NIITian. We drive strength from our diversity and we encourage innovation and outliers who believe in imagination and possibility.

Knowledge cannot be stolen by thieves or taxed by kings or governments. It can neither be divided amongst siblings, not is it heavy or burdensome to carry. The more it is spent or shared, the more it increases as we learn by teaching others. Knowledge is indeed the most precious of possessions.
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Making a Difference

NIIT was founded on the core belief that education is fundamental right and knowledge sharing is a privilege and a responsibility. That’s why we believe in making a difference. We believe that learning is a driver of change not just for organizations and communities but society in general. That’s why we are always giving back.



NIIT has helped train over 500,000 people in IT in China since 1997. With an NIIT inside model with universities and governments in China, we are empowering the next generation of software engineers and big data scientists.



NIIT has helped 25% of Bhutan's population bridge the digital divide from ministers, administrators and government employees to school students, youth, and teachers.


1 Billion

NIIT is on a mission to skill over one billion Indians through its various initiatives in India.


1.6 Million

The National Scholarship by NIIT, Nigeria has become a much anticipated annual event in the country. Since 2000, 1.6 million students have availed these scholarships.



NIIT’s “Hole-in-the-Wall” initiative is bringing learning to the underserved through unsupervised learning kiosks for children.

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NIIT’s “Hole-in-the-Wall” initiative brings learning to the underserved through unsupervised learning kiosks for children across India, Africa, Cambodia, and Bhutan.

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NIIT Foundation educational programs

These special programs provide access to education and career opportunities for girls and women who are often excluded from formal education due to traditional mindsets. Read Anusaya’s story.

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The NIIT Foundation

A not-for-profit education society set up by the promoters of NIIT in 2004 with a mission to positively impact the underprivileged of India through educational initiatives and skill development programs.

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