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Learning Solutions for Banking and Financial Services Companies

From interest rate cycles and rising inflation to cybersecurity and an increasingly tight job market, banks and financial services companies have a lot to contend with.

Now more than ever, L&D leaders at banking and financial services companies need to work with agility to prepare their workforce for future challenges. At NIIT, we’ve helped many banks and financial services companies align L&D with business priorities to deliver tangible business impact.

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Top L&D Challenges for Banking and Financial Services

Economic Uncertainty and its Impact on Interest Rates
Preparing for Risks Like Delinquency and Cybersecurity
Tight Job Market with Shrinking Talent Pools
The Tapering Fintech Market and the Need to Innovate
Human vs Digital Customer Experience and Engagement
The Rise of AI, Mobile Banking and the Metaverse

Specialized L&D Services for
Banking and Financial Services Companies

With the myriad challenges that banking and financial services companies must contend with, L&D leaders at these companies have to stay one step ahead. Not only do they need to ensure the overall effectiveness and efficiency of the learning ecosystem, but they also need to build and support a successful Future of Work strategy. As business demands increase and the availability of skilled talent dwindles, L&D leaders must work closely with HR leaders to execute a build, borrow or buy strategy to align talent and business needs.
Efficient Learning Ecosystem for Banking Corporate Training

Now more than ever, banks need to transform legacy systems across the board including L&D. Optimizing learning portfolios and switching to technology-enabled learning experience platforms with hyper-personalized learning pathways are critical to the success of their workforce. Reducing duplication and redundancy in third-party vendors and ensuring that your teams have access to the latest high-quality learning content and experience is essential in improving both employee engagement and retention. Banks need to move away from traditional models to learning in the flow of work.
Revisiting Fixed Costs for Proprietary Training

We understand that regulatory and compliance training as well as proprietary training make up the bulk of your learning portfolio. Yet, you don’t need armies of trainers on your payroll to deliver proprietary, compliance or regulatory training effectively. NIIT’s unique rebadging value proposition for banks and financial services institutions allows you to move from fixed to variable costs without fixed components like trainer salaries. We ensure that your team remains dedicated to you, and you only pay for the training that you consume. We refactor roles and cross-skill our trainers to realize economies of scale and pass on the business benefits to you.
Custom Content for Every Training Need

As ways of working change to more fluid and hybrid models, your learning ecosystem needs to adapt to the changing realities of the workforce. From equipping customer service teams to manage clients with empathy and inclusion to upskilling your tech talent, NIIT creates customized content for every learning need. As the demand for product innovation rises and legacy systems continue to modernize, learning leaders need to transform their learning portfolios with customized content in a variety of modalities from experiential and immersive learning to microlearning for time-starved learners.

Banking and Financial Services Results We Deliver


Potential savings for a leading global bank by optimizing the overall learning portfolio size by leveraging NIIT’s Portfolio Transformation model.

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Favorable rating from learners on the commitment to manage risk effectively for a leading global bank following a series of risk bootcamps.

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Reduction in seat time and improved learner experience through the creation of micro-learning nuggets for one of the world’s leading banks.

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NIIT’s learning program leveraging CMA methodology and a scenario-based learning approach led to $15 million savings through the cost of labor redirected to productivity gains.

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