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An Effective Leadership Development Program is Crucial for Business Growth

In these uncertain times, people and skills are the greatest currency an organization can have. Leadership and workplace skills top the list of priorities for L&D, yet many organizations fail to get the full value from their investments in leadership training. This is because the current model for the procurement and management of leadership and professional skills training is often ad hoc, expensive, and time-consuming.

With NIIT’s managed services approach to leadership and professional skills development, your teams have the advantage of a comprehensive approach that covers the entire lifecycle of training from content licensing and procurement to facilitation, delivery, and administration at reduced costs and increased impact.

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Align Leadership Training with Business Imperatives

A focus on leadership development is pivotal to the success of an organization’s workforce and their ability to achieve growth objectives while embodying the organization’s business values and culture. To future-proof your workforce, it is critically important to ensure that leadership training is aligned with business imperatives and organizational goals. Our meticulous approach to leadership and professional skills training is designed so that current and future leaders are prepared to deliver on the business goals of today and tomorrow.

Leadership Training Programs with Standardized and Consistent Pricing, Quality, and Processes

When leadership development training initiatives are managed by in-house teams, it leads to high fixed costs associated with personnel, travel, and administrative overheads as well as the costs of providing training in different modalities. In the absence of a managed training services approach to leadership development, training and upskilling leaders can often lead to ad hoc training in silos with increased overheads driven by hidden and redundant costs. Our approach helps you with standardized and consistent pricing, quality, and processes. By moving high fixed costs to affordable variable costs and eliminating duplication and redundancies, our clients can save over 25% in overall costs.

Improved Scalability with an Extensive Course Portfolio and Trainer Network

The challenges of sporadic demand coupled with managing armies of vendors drain internal L&D bandwidth. NIIT’s comprehensive managed services approach helps your L&D teams seamlessly scale delivery with a comprehensive catalog of courses and an extensive trainer network. Whether it is licensing new content or sourcing vendors, we help your teams streamline and centralize leadership training delivery and facilitation at scale. We free your teams from the limitations and chaos associated with vendor management, planning, scheduling, and delivery.

Eliminate Duplication and redundancy across the system

The current model for procurement and management of leadership and professional skills training is often ad hoc, expensive, and time-consuming.  This siloed approach can lead to duplication and redundancy across the system. Without a centralized system for aligning your leadership development needs with organizational objectives, you could end up with multiple vendors offering similar services. Moreover, the adoption of delivery modalities can be disparate and inconsistent.

Enhanced learner experience with simulation-based leadership training

Our framework for soft skills and leadership courses has been refined over thousands of hours of content design and development and ensures our solutions are interactive, holistic, and human-centered. NIIT’s leadership and soft skills training catalog offers best-in-class, cutting-edge pedagogy, cost efficiency, and time to deployment. Our partnership with Knolskape, a global leader in experiential learning now offers high-end simulation and experiential learning customized to the learning needs of our customers.

Leadership development training with greater visibility and predictability

Unmanaged training can lead to unpredictable results. NIIT focuses on operational excellence to include best practices like demand planning and continuous improvement. With a dedicated team to manage operations like scheduling, cancellations and helpdesk requests, your L&D teams can save significant time and effort on time-consuming administrative tasks helping them focus on the strategic aspects of the business. Our real-time insights and dashboards give you greater visibility with predictable demand and measurable impact.

Proven Corporate Leadership Training

4X Increase in Scale for Leadership and Professional Skills Training

NIIT helped a leading P&C insurance company integrate leadership development and professional skills training under a single umbrella while reducing costs by 25%.

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Award-Winning Frontline Supervisor Leadership Program

A leading humanitarian organization that provides food and critical supplies in the world’s most dangerous conflict zones required an innovative program for its frontline supervisors.

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Technology and Telecom
Elevating Company Culture with Leadership Training

NIIT’s leadership training for learners at all levels across a leading technology company ensured that the company’s strong corporate culture was incorporated throughout the program.

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Our Comprehensive Workplace Skills Catalog

At NIIT, we help our customers with a leadership and soft skills training catalog that offers best-in-class, cutting-edge pedagogy, cost efficiency, and time to deployment.

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Leadership and Professional Skills

Help your L&D teams streamline and centralize the entire cycle of leadership and professional skills training with our managed training services approach to reduce cost and chaos.

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Award-Winning Simulations and Experiential Learning

Our partnership with Knolskape gives our customers access to a large award-winning portfolio of simulations aligned with 100+ competencies and cutting-edge talent intelligence.

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Achieving growth through leadership development

At NIIT, we understand that leadership development is not a one-and-done activity. It is a constant and evolving process that needs to be managed at scale to meet fluctuating volumes and demand.

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