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Whether you are looking at comprehensive or selective L&D outsourcing, NIIT can help you transform your L&D ecosystem.

NIIT – Your Learning Transformation Partner

NIIT has deep, end-to-end capabilities facilitating a wide range of transformations, and a breadth of experience with some of the world’s most forward-thinking clients. We bring these insights and best practices to all our clients for competitive advantage.

With a stellar track record of 100% contract renewals for the past 10 years, our long-term partnerships have only grown over time. Our customers have given us a Net Promoter Score of 9.1 in our Annual Voice of Customer Survey.

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We Don’t Take your Trust for Granted

At NIIT, we know that the decision to find the right outsourcing partner for your L&D function is not an easy one. That’s why we never take your trust for granted. Our goal is to help you:

Create an agile and adaptive ecosystem that is future-fit for readiness and responsive to disruption and change.

Achieve global scalability without the constraints of fluctuating capacity, skills, and volume.

Get access to cutting-edge capabilities and genuine learning expertise with an experienced team of learning professionals.

Save and optimize operational costs by moving L&D costs to variable costs as well as increasing efficiency by reducing overheads and removing redundancies.

Get the advantage of a true partner with the experience, expertise, and global footprint to meet every challenge your business may throw at you.

Get real time data and insights along with outstanding service levels and results delivered to your business and stakeholders.

What Makes us Different?

Elevated Employee Experiences

NIIT has the full depth and breadth of people, technology, expertise, and experience inhouse, to deliver modern and hyper personalized learning experiences at scale. Our solution architects are trained to design seamless learning ecosystems that bring the best of content, technology, and learning services together to deliver exceptional employee learning experiences.

Measurable Business Impact

Ultimately, the goal of L&D is to deliver value to the business. That’s why we partner with you and your business to align organizational and business priorities with L&D. We then create a transformational roadmap to help you move the needle and deliver transformative business impact.

Innovation Charters and Tools

We have developed multiple tools that help us drive innovation. Our transformation office is a structured and facilitated process to partner with our clients to identify, prioritize, charter, and implement transformation opportunities. We also have a commitment to co-invest in select, client-specific innovations via a dedicated innovation fund.

A Customer Experience Platform

Our Customer Experience Platform gives you real time data and insights integrated with your tech stack and customized to the needs of your organization. Our goal is to give you a transparent picture of the state of your L&D function at all times.

Robust Governance Process

NIIT has an extremely strong and robust governance process which includes periodic touchpoints, real-time dashboards and reporting through the Customer Experience Platform (CXP), best-in-class processes for project management, risk management, and change management.

World Class Consulting & Advisory Services Team

NIIT’s Consulting & Advisory Services team brings a perfect blend of strategy and operational expertise to be your partner all the way from defining the strategy to delivering impact. Our embedded consultants are ready to solve your specific challenges with measurable outcomes.

Research and Best Practice Sharing

We bring insights and best practices from our transitions with leading global clients to every client engagement. We have a multi-channeled approach to share and exchange research, learning trends and best practices in learning.

Cutting-Edge Technology to Achieve Scale, Global Centralization and Standardization

NIIT brings an extremely powerful, robust, and proven learning operations technology platform to process millions of transactions related to learning operations each year with extremely high reliability, predictability, and automation. We typically integrate our internal platforms tightly with a customer’s LMS and other technology platforms for a seamless exchange of data.

Customer Advisory Board

Our Customer Advisory Board comprises of Chief Learning Officers from the world’s leading companies and represent a wide range of industries and global perspectives. The Board meets twice a year to create a charter advise on steps we can take in our journey towards being a trusted advisor to L&D leaders.

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