Talent Pipeline as a Service

A flexible, cost-efficient model for building talent pipelines.

Talent Pipeline Development with a Skills-First Approach

If you ask talent and learning leaders what keeps them up at night, the answer will likely be hiring, skilling, and retaining talent. That’s no surprise. An increasingly complex landscape of economic and geopolitical uncertainty coupled with a rapidly evolving workforce has created one of the most challenging situations for talent acquisition and retention.

At NIIT, we know that your people are your greatest asset and without reliable talent pipelines, even the most evolved organizations cannot prepare to meet their future goals. However, not only has it become prohibitively expensive and time consuming to find the right talent, but there’s also no guarantee that the person you hired is right for the job until they get started. NIIT’s Talent Pipeline as a Service (TPaaS) has been designed to solve these very challenges. With a Source-Train-Hire approach that gives you access to reliable talent that is ready to be productive from Day One, we help you build robust and cost-efficient talent pipelines to meet current and future needs.

A Flexible and Cost-Efficient Model for Building Talent Pipelines

With the ongoing talent crunch, L&D and HR departments are finding it increasingly challenging to manage the high fixed costs of recruiting and onboarding. Our flexible and cost-efficient TPaaS model eliminates the elements that comprise the fixed costs of sourcing and onboarding – content design, development and maintenance, trainers, delivery and program management, training administration and reporting, venue and logistics, stipend, and training. We replace these costs by a fully variable, per-hire service fee so that your teams only pay for the ready to deploy talent they hire.

A Dependable Engine for Full-service Talent Pipeline Management

NIIT’s TPaaS gives your teams a dependable engine for all your talent needs. From demand planning to creating a sourcing plan, we identify the best talent through recruitment drives and a rigorous screening and interview process with our clients. The identified talent is then offered a conditional Letter of Intent. Each cohort then goes through extensive training and assessment to ensure that they are ready to be productive from Day One. The last step is background verification before candidates are onboarded. Our model is flexible and scalable to meet variable talent demands.

Transformative Talent Acquisition with Measurable Results

NIIT’s TPaaS service improves the effectiveness and efficiency of your talent acquisition process. Cohorts that complete our new-hire training are significantly more proficient and truly job-ready from Day 1. Our goal is to reduce training significantly by up to 40% while increasing effectiveness. NIIT also guarantees a reduction in your total cost, often by up to 20%. We don’t just stop there. With advanced analytics, we consistently monitor on-the-job parameters like productivity and performance to ensure continuous improvement.

Talent Pipeline Solution Highlights

  • Intense preparation for the role in the first 3-6 months
  • Immersive boot camp type environment
  • Milestone-based staged curriculum mapped to role milestones with proactive training at each milestone
  • Multi-modal content using multiple channels like videos and social media
  • Peer buddy and mentorship program
  • Opportunities to engage with the leadership
  • Frequent performance review & feedback
  • Mobile app that enables new hires to track their progress and learning
  • Aligned stakeholders – HR, managers, and L&D

Talent Pipelining Success Stories

Life Sciences
24% Reduction in Time to Competence for a Pivotal Job Role in High Demand

NIIT’s immersive onboarding program for Clinical Research Associates not only helped our client reduce time to competence by 24% but also helped the company meet the high demand for talent during the COVID-19 vaccine trials.

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Professional Services
Effective Onboarding to Reduce First Year Attrition

For a global HR leader, NIIT reduced onboarding training time from 7 weeks to 3 weeks with a total cost reduction of 20% and a decrease of 20% in first year attrition.

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Technology and Telecom
Improved Productivity and Skillset for Technology Leader

NIIT’s Talent Pipeline as a Service for a global technology leader helped upskill software engineers with Full Stack skills while improving their productivity by 30%.

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Talent Pipeline as a Service

Build reliable pipelines to meet talent needs for pivotal job roles with NIIT’s Talent Pipeline as a Service.

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