Adaptive Learning Organizations

Why do adaptive learning organizations spend less time and resources on L&D and deliver more value?

Adaptive Learning Organizations

Over years the ability to adapt to an everchanging landscape of business and talent priorities has been key to L&D's success. In 2020, NIIT's Consulting Team and Josh Bersin Academy conducted this research on Adaptive Learning Organizations which involved in-depth conversations and surveys with more than 100 large, global companies.

We found that Adaptive Learning Organizations are leading in three critical areas, the ability to sense and analyze external and internal market changes, decide and lead quickly on the right direction, programs, and resources, and evolve and transform their ability to deliver advanced business-centric and personalized learning solutions.

Key Takeaways
Learn how leading organizations are thinking and what they are doing to drive greater business and talent value.
Understand what makes these dynamic and flexible companies spend 27% less than underperforming organizations.
Discover how you can begin building an Adaptive Learning Organization today by reaching out to our consulting team.

Adaptive Learning Organizations at a Glance


Spend 27% less cost on L&D


Have 14% higher career opportunities


Have a 13% higher overall employee experience

Our Approach

Based on the research, Sense, Decide and Evolve represent three characteristics of adaptivity that enable a proactive and fluid learning ecosystem. These characteristics lead to 15 practices that cover 60 activities that are at the core of any adaptive learning organization.


Adaptive Learning Organizations featuring Josh Bersin

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Practices of Adaptive Learning Organizations

What are the practices of high-performing Adaptive Learning Organizations? Discover the Sense, Decide, Evolve paradigm.

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