Custom Content and Curriculum Design

Give your learners the advantage of authentic, modern learning experiences that elevate learner engagement and deliver tangible learning outcomes.

Modern Learning Experiences for the Evolved Learner

As learners become consumers of high quality digital experiences, they increasingly expect modern learning experiences that are authentic, contextual, and not only deliver performance improvement but also align with business goals and organizational culture. You need a partner that truly understands your business, your learners, and your culture, to architect learning experiences that deliver business value and learner engagement.

NIIT’s award-winning content development pedagogy is based on years of learning research at Northwestern University. Using our proven design methodology and the most advanced media capabilities, we develop modern learning experiences and programs in all learning modalities. Our goal is to align learning with your business goals and organizational imperatives.


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Award-Winning Proprietary Learning Methodology

At NIIT, we believe that learning experiences should address what learners really struggle with and improve performance outcomes on the job to add value to the business. Our proprietary Critical Mistake Analysis methodology provides a practical framework to identify the mistakes that have maximum business impact and design learning challenges around them to create effective learning experiences.

Custom Content Design Strategies, Best Practices, and Innovations

Our content development services are based on instructional design best practices, and our rigorous process enables us to deliver superior courses against predictable timelines. With innovations like rapid design and end-to-end processes from SME onboarding to ongoing customer support, our teams are dedicated to customer success.

Optimize Training Content Development Spend with Variable Cost Models

With agile development models and investments in digital engineering and automation, we ensure that you get the most from your investment in custom learning content. Our variable and flexible pricing models are designed to deliver high quality content in all modalities at affordable costs.

Unmatched Scale with Global Content Centers of Excellence

NIIT offers unmatched scale and flexibility in content development, with capabilities that include cutting-edge immersive learning with our Nfinity Studio in Sheffield, simple to complex content in all modalities developed across our dedicated content centers in Rochester, NY and Dublin, Ireland, as well as start-of-the-art studios in Gurugram and Mumbai in India.

A Platform-Agnostic Level Playing Field

We have implemented courses on multiple platforms and ensure that interoperability standards are met in all the content we produce. As a purveyor of LMS-ready, SCORM compliant and AICC certified content, our learning products are developed to “play” within the widest possible range of Learning Management Systems and Learning Experience Platforms.

Immersive Learning and Digital Reality Roadmaps

At NIIT Nfinity, we provide a full suite of immersive learning solutions that not only transform learning but also deliver measurable business impact. The three pillars of our immersive learning approach deliver meaningful learning experiences at an affordable cost without tedious and complex technology integrations through proven instructional design, powerful technology partnerships, and a customized digital reality roadmap.

Digital Reality Roadmap

We have decades of experience in helping our customers create pedagogically effective, scalable digital and mixed-mode training simulations. To help you harness the power of emerging digital reality-based technologies and approaches, we offer a digital reality roadmap engagement designed to:

  • Increase the reach of training by offering digital solutions available on your learners’ devices of choice.
  • Increase the effectiveness of training by creating hands-on simulations based on our E=MC5 training methodology.
  • Enhance user-engagement by increasing surprise through rich, dramatic, and realistic storytelling.
  • Expand access to hands-on training for large, expensive equipment by creating a library of fully functional 3D models.
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Immersive Learning Including AR/VR/MR/XR
Gamification and
Real Time 3D
360 Interactive Video
Broadcast and Multimedia Video
2D and 3D Animated Illustrations
Talking Heads Video
Whiteboard Animation
HTML 5 Animation and Delivery
High-End User Interfaces
Motion Graphics

Learning Content with Business Impact

At NIIT, we have always believed that it’s not about training. It’s about results. That’s why our managed training services have clear and tangible outcomes you can expect. As a true partner, we help you maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of your custom learning content.

Content Development Success Stories

Life Sciences
24% Reduction in Time to Proficiency for Clinical Research Associate New Hire Onboarding at a Leading Healthcare Company

Find out how NIIT’s fast-tracked, global onboarding program for clinical research associates for a leading life sciences company helped them meet the critical demand for this pivotal job role amidst the urgency of the COVID-19 vaccine trials.

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Enabling Leadership in Conflict-Ridden Zones

NIIT’s hybrid leadership program for frontline supervisors who provide vital food, medication and essential supplies in the world’s toughest conflict-ridden zones had a 95% graduation rate with improved performance and decision-making skills.

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Award-Winning Business Impact Across 50 Countries

Discover how we transformed learning for a leading global Insurance company with a 20% increase in average productivity and ticket size of business sold for sales associates.

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Innovative Sales Program for Account Managers

A leading electronics and technology company noticed an observable increase in average monthly placements of featured software solutions by Account Managers because of the blended learning program.

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Ready to Move From Instructional Design

to Experience Design With Measurable Business Impact?

Find out how NIIT’s proven design methodology and advanced media capabilities deliver high-impact learning programs.


Create Effective Learning Experiences by Identifying the Right Challenges

Why does corporate learning turn every training program into a series of topics that learners ought to know? What about an approach that follows a learning by doing approach and focuses learning on those tasks or activities that help learners do their job as effectively and efficiently as possible?

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Revelations about Experience Design

When it comes to developing training programs, it’s no secret that user experience is a significant factor. Learning professionals are becoming ever more focused on experience design. However, designing their training and learning programs to make them more user-friendly, accessible, and appealing to the end user isn’t necessarily easy.

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E=MC5: Redefining the Learner Experience

When was the last time your serious learning game got a glowing review from a learner? If your answer is likely “never”, you are not alone. That’s because most interactive learning experiences are little more than quizzes in disguise. Discover how our simple formula, E=MC5 can elevate your learner experience to the level of popular games like Fortnite or PUBG.

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Strategies to Optimize Content Development

Choosing the right custom content development provider is usually a balancing act between priorities like cost reduction, innovation, or learner engagement. Based on our experiences with customers and discussions with learning leaders, we have derived a list of 10 pointers that can help you select the right custom content development managed services partner.

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