Digital and IT Skills Training

Build digital and IT skills readiness with a comprehensive approach and learning ecosystem.

Applied Digital Skills - The Currency for Business Growth

Your business must rapidly transform to meet customer expectations with technology that builds in the choices, access and control consumers want. At NIIT Digit, our goal is to empower your workforce with the knowledge and skills to effectively utilize technology for business transformation.

Our focus on program-mastery rapidly upskills your workforce with not just technical skills by building competencies at multiple levels specific to their role but also holistic skills like problem solving and business understanding for competitive advantage.

Our Technologies and Digital Readiness Programs


From foundational to full-stack, our practitioner-led software engineering programs enable your teams with not just software engineering skills but also the business acumen they need for competitive advantage.

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Data science roles are rapidly replacing analyst roles in today’s workforce. Our comprehensive, deep-dive programs cover the entire spectrum of data science roles, from Engineer to Analyst and Scientist to upskill your workforce.

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Cybersecurity professionals are some of the most in-demand talent roles in the modern workforce. Our end-to-end programs are designed to upskill your workforce from novice to expert to accelerate organizational readiness.

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Cloud computing experts are the mainstay of your IT workforce. From IT Support and DevOps to Architect roles, we deliver state-of-the-art, role-based programs that give your IT workforce the knowledge and skills to deliver organizational goals.

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Learning Paths customized for your job roles

Our programs are not just mapped to generic skills but have role-based learning paths customized for your job roles. From competency development programs to accelerated learning programs, we meet you where you are.

Achieve digital transformation by focusing on mastery, not just completion

Our programs focus on mastery and learners are required to create a viable working product. Our flexible programs are available in multiple modalities including ILT, VILT, self-paced, and blended learning solutions.

Holistic digital skills to prepare your workforce

Holistic skills needed by a modern technology professional are an integral part of our curriculum. With awareness and Expert Sessions built into the curriculum, our assessments and evaluations are designed for all round success.

Curriculum designed with a growth mindset

We believe in a growth mindset and 80% of our learning occurs in a practice-based environment with hands-on Cloud labs. We believe that this practice-based approach that allows learners to safely fail and make mistakes is vital to learning.

A Managed Training Approach to
Digital and IT Training

NIIT's comprehensive managed training services for digital and IT skills take the cost and chaos out of sourcing and managing multiple IT training vendors, giving your learners a consistent learning experience and enhanced choices across the enterprise for every skill, every time.

Proven Corporate Digital Skills Training

Technology and Telecom
IT Training Services for a Global Technology Leader

NIIT's IT training services for a leading global technology company have helped them implement a smart demand planning process resulting in 100% budget utilization and a 30% reduction in administrative costs.

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365% Return on Investment from Training for a Global Open-Source Leader

NIIT manages end-to-end global delivery and training for a leading Open-Source company with a 365% ROI on training over three years.

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Technology and Telecom
Upskilling an army of full stack engineers

As digital requirements from customers increased, a leading IT company turned to NIIT to upskill almost 300 fresh engineering graduates into Full Stack Engineers who are already deployed across projects in different business units.

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Discover the power of end-to-end IT training solutions and services

that comprehensively cover your organization's digital and IT training needs.


IT Aggregation Services

NIIT's approach to IT Training Aggregation is built on a strong foundation of People, Process, and Technology elements to ensure a successful, optimized, enterprise-wide IT Training strategy and execution.

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Eight Advantages of NIIT Digit

At NIIT Digit, we don't just focus on program completion. Our goal is program mastery so that learners are proficient and utilize their advanced skills by being deployed on projects from Day One.

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Award-Winning Capabilities for IT Training

With deep industry partnerships and an army of benchmarked trainers and consultants, our focus is on giving your IT workforce the advantage of deep expertise and continuous innovation.

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Three Reasons an Army of Trainers won’t win the war

When it comes to proprietary training, most large global organizations prefer to keep training in-house with an experienced team of trainers. But is this the correct battleplan?

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