Strategic Sourcing and Vendor Management

Rationalize and reduce the total cost of third-party training across the entire lifecycle of L&D sourcing and vendor management.

The World’s Leading Companies Trust Us to Reduce Unmanaged L&D Spend

Vendor provided training is perhaps the largest unmanaged spend within the training function. You need a partner who can rationalize your entire learning investment for greater ROI.

NIIT’s Strategic Sourcing service addresses the entire lifecycle of vendor provided training. Our clients receive cost reduction, access to a leading collection of learning providers and a full suite of support services including selection, measurement, and knowledge management. Whether internal or external, your budget for learning is an investment; our approach, processes & technology ensure that our clients get the highest returns for that investment.


Reduction in Direct Costs


Savings in Unbundling Content and Facilitation


Strong Global Supplier Network


Transparency of Training Spend


Countries Supported

Differentiated L&D Sourcing and Vendor Management

Strategic Sourcing is a flexible and full service differentiated solution that completely manages third party training vendors right from identification and selection, to onboarding, contracting and customer engagement. Our service is based on a fully variable funding model and focuses on performance improvement through the selection and management of best-in-class partners.

Vendor Management with a Neutral Approach

In our approach, NIIT does not own any content – we utilize third-party providers. The best solution is identified rather than our content being “pushed” to the client, preventing bias or a conflict of interest. Third party training providers won’t be reluctant to participate as they won’t see competitive barriers with a neutral provider.

Address the Total Costs of Learning

The easiest way to understand the cost of third-party providers is by examining direct costs, that is, their bill to you. However, we believe that this view fails to capture a full picture of what we call Total Cost of Learning (TCL). Specifically, this approach ignores several categories of cost that are inhibiting our clients from achieving the maximum business value from their investment.

Portfolio Rationalization and Optimization

Redundant and duplicative content can not only be overwhelming for your L&D team to manage. It can also overwhelm learners who need relevant learning content on demand. We approach learning portfolio transformation as a six-stage process that rationalizes courses, vendors, participation, and delivery mode. This process of transformation ensures learning portfolios are relevant, linked to the business, and deemed effective and efficient by all stakeholders.

Access to a Best-in-Class Third-Party Training Network

Siloed purchasing and sole sourcing can lead to a long tail of local and global vendors that can be challenging to manage for even the most efficient L&D teams. Moreover, in the absence of a centralized and standard approach to agreements, there is no standard way to track the quality of service provided. At NIIT, we give our clients access to 55000 best-in-class strategic partners to consistently deliver high quality training across the organization.

Get the Highest Returns from L&D Procurement

With increasing training budgets, our approach, processes, and technology ensure that our clients get the highest returns from their investment, whether internal or external. Our goal is to eliminate the time and effort of internal resources performing vendor related activities and return that time to the business, thus optimizing resources and costs, and improving productivity.

Access to Best-in Class Learning Providers
Neutral Approach to Procurement
Unbundle Content and Facilitation
Robust Technology and Process Integration
Rationalize Courses, Vendors, Participation, and Delivery Mode
Address Total Cost of Learning

Strategic Sourcing Expected Outcomes

At NIIT, we have always believed that it’s not about training. It’s about results. That’s why our managed training services have clear and tangible outcomes you can expect. As a true partner, we help you maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of your third-party learning ecosystem.

Strategic Sourcing Examples

Oil and Gas
73% Reduction in overall number of third-party vendors with NIIT’s strategic sourcing services for a global oil & gas supermajor

Find out how our strategic sourcing services enabled an oil and gas leader to centralize and optimize the number of L&D vendors for external and third-party training while rationalizing the portfolio and improving process efficiency at reduced costs.

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Life Sciences
Transforming Strategic Sources at a Leading Pharma Company

NIIT’s consultative approach to strategic sourcing and vendor management has resulted in a consistent and standardized approach to vendor management uncovering hidden costs and introducing performance improvement and operational efficiency in the very first year of operation.

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Consumer Packaged Goods
24% Savings in Cost through Operational Efficiencies

NIIT is the comprehensive strategic sourcing and vendor management provider for one of the world’s largest consumer packaged goods companies and has helped them save over 24% in costs through operational efficiencies covering over 100,000 learners in 100 countries.

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Oil and Gas
10-12% Reduction in Vendor Management Costs

NIIT is the comprehensive strategic sourcing and vendor management provider for one of the world’s largest oil and gas companies leading to a 10-12% reduction in annual costs and 100% spend visibility.

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Transform Third-party Training

with our Proven Model for L&D Sourcing and Vendor Management.


5 Factors to Address the Total Cost of Learning

If you are evaluating your investment in third party training based on what you are billed by third-party providers, you may be overlooking several categories of hidden cost that make up the Total Cost of Learning.

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Is your L&D Organization Addressing the Total Cost of Learning?

Organizations may be spending much more on training than what external suppliers account for. At NIIT, we account for these hidden or unaccounted costs to address what we call – the Total Cost of Learning (TCL).

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Learning Portfolio Transformation

Ensuring that learning portfolios are relevant, linked to the business, and deemed effective and efficient requires organizations to engage in a learning portfolio transformation exercise.

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Strategic Sourcing – what results can you expect?

What is the impact of a transformative approach to Strategic Sourcing on direct and indirect costs and potential savings that can be expected?

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