Learning Technology

Technology expertise to modernize your learning ecosystem and enable learning in the flow of work.

Learning Technology Solutions that Transform the Learner Experience

At NIIT, we believe that technology is a key enabler of learning. That’s why we’ve invested in not only developing our own Learning Management System and Learning Experience Platform, but also offering learning technology services that help you make the most of your current learning technology ecosystem.

Our full-featured, cloud-based award-winning learning platform, Training.com supports thousands of learners globally and can be configured to meet a variety of business needs.


Reduction in LMS Costs


User Support


Guaranteed Uptime


Learners Supported Simultaneously

Full-Featured, Affordable Learning Management System

With Training.com, your organization gets a smart, cost-effective alternative to a traditional LMS with faster time to deployment and substantially reduced infrastructure, resource, and operational costs. Our cloud-based platform eliminates the need to buy, install, or maintain any hardware or software.

Hyper-personalized Learning Experience

With powerful features that enable hyper-personalized role, tenure and performance-based learning journeys through custom and curated content, the platform facilitates true learning in the flow of work. Powered by artificial intelligence, Training.com maps learning with performance and also offers real-time insights, intelligence, and performance support.

Powerful On-Demand Capabilities

Training.com offers extensive features like social and collaborative learning, role plays, skills practice, coaching and mentoring to improve productivity and performance. The content can be localized and configured with multiple-language options. Learners can also download content for offline use where connectivity is a challenge. The platform automatically synchronizes data with their transcript to offer a seamless learning experience.

An Integrated Ecosystem of Learning Technologies

Organizations today have deployed a plethora of HRIS and HCM Tech systems. Training.com can be integrated with existing organization systems such as HRIS, employee portals, talent portals, academies, or other training systems. Moreover, the platform can pull data from various sources to create custom data feeds and powerful customizable reports and dashboards.

Highly Customizable Learning Experience Platform

Training.com is highly customizable – whether it is extensive organizational branding, integrated user SSO authentication, workflows and features like knowledge management systems that are unique to your organization, the platform can be configured to your organization with ease. The platform also offers multi-tenancy so that it can be mapped to your organization’s internal structure and hierarchy.

Robust Assessment Capabilities

Training.com has both basic and advanced assessment engines designed to address the assessment needs of an organization. The assessments can be standalone, or course integrated. The assessment engine supports creating and managing question banks as well as creating, configuring, and scheduling tests. The assessments can be configured to be proctored or non-proctored, graded, or ungraded.

In addition to our powerful learning platform, NIIT also offers extensive platform-agnostic learning technology implementation, integration, consulting, and support capabilities. We also invest in digital engineering to create learning technology tools that maximize effectiveness and efficiency.

Hyper-personalized Learning Journeys and Goals
On-demand Learning in the Flow of Work
Real-time Data Analytics and Reports
Digital Learning, Skills Practice, Feedback
Coaching and Mentoring, Role Plays
Assessments, Learning Plans and Credentials
Social and Collaborative Learning
Reference Materials and Performance Support
Learning Resources and Tools Gateway
Personalized Learning Journeys and Goals
Multiple Content Modalities and Languages
Gamification and Learner Engagement

L&D Technology That Wins

At NIIT, we have always believed that it’s not about training. It’s about results. That’s why our managed training services have clear and tangible outcomes you can expect. As a true partner, we help you maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of your learning technology ecosystem.

Learning Technology and Digital Training Success Stories

20% Enterprise-wide Sales Performance Improvement

NIIT’s award-winning Distribution Partner Learning Platform for a global insurance leader has led to tangible business impact in terms of productivity and time to competency in over 60 countries worldwide.

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Real Estate
Transforming Real Estate Professional Education in Ontario

NIIT’s powerful platform supports end-to-end real estate licensing education for thousands of real estate salespersons and brokers in one of the world’s largest markets – the province of Ontario in Canada.

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Technology & Telecom
Supporting 3 Million Student Hours Across 137 countries

NIIT’s platform supports over 3 million student hours across 137 countries for one of the world’s leading telecom companies with 97.7% student satisfaction.

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Transform your Learning Technology Ecosystem

with our Hyper-personalized Integrated Learning Platform.


Digital Engineering Innovations for Learning

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There’s no one-size-fits-all learning solution for today’s time-starved learner. Hyper-personalized learning pathways can comprise of a variety of learning modalities from microlearning to virtual labs to curated content.

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In many organizations, employee learning broadly follows the 70/20/10 learning model. How can learning technology help you enable 70% of the learning that happens on the job while performing regular tasks?

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