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Transform learning operations at a global scale with our industry-leading learning administration services.

The World's Leading Companies Trust Us with Their Learning Administration Needs

Today’s complex learning ecosystems offer a plethora of technologies, platforms, learning content, and modalities. That’s why L&D operations at scale can be challenging for even the most evolved organizations. You need a partner who can simplify your learning ecosystem and manage your LMS administration and L&D operations with clockwork efficiency, while eliminating cost and operational redundancies.

Because of our scale, we provide a robust managed service that ensures quality and cost effectiveness. Our service is based on a meticulous and consultative approach to each of our four service layers that focus on the four key areas of learning administration – processes, resources, infrastructure, and quality, supported by a robust governance model.


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Increase L&D Efficiency with High Service Levels

Don’t just settle for noise-free. Transform learning administration with rock-solid operations and high service levels that bring in new LMS administration efficiencies while eliminating operational redundancies with our outcome-driven approach to learning operations.

Scale L&D Capacity and Demand with Your Business

Free your L&D teams from the time-consuming rigor of learning and LMS administration with a dedicated centralized team and local hubs that can take on fluctuating capacity and volumes with agility. We are built to scale around your business, so we understand and structure our strategies around your global, regional, and local needs.

Control Corporate Learning Spend with Variable Cost Models

Eliminate redundancies and unmanaged spend with a variable model where you only pay for what you need. Our flexible and variable business and cost models are customized to your training budget and corporate learning needs. Rest assured, we won’t charge you for downtime and idle resources.

Stay Informed with Robust Governance

Get the advantage of robust governance and an advanced Customer Experience Platform with real-time data and insights. We have an in-depth understanding of working at scale with decentralized and matrixed organizations across many geographies. Our clear, measurable set of KPAs and SLAs help customers assess the cost savings, quality, and responsiveness of our service in real time.

Get the Advantage of Experienced LMS Administrators

Our dedicated team of highly experienced, multilingual learning and LMS administrators and consultants manages 9 million learning transactions annually and is trained to respond to even the most challenging learning operational ecosystems.

Leverage Technology with Robotic Process Automation

We have utilized technology to manage every aspect of the learning administration lifecycle. From the use of RPA to automate tasks like enrollments and cancelations to error-proofing every process with a technology-enabled checklist, you can’t go wrong with NIIT as a partner.

Elevate Corporate Learning and Learner Experience

Our high-touch responsive team is dedicated to elevating learner experience, so your teams have a seamless learning experience from start to finish. With proven best practices and a track record of many global implementations, we provide a noise-free, high-touch, and flexible service experience for our customers with demonstrable business value.

Mature and Technology-driven Learning Administration Methodology

NIIT’s technology platform and toolset can be customized and configured to the needs and technology platforms of our customers. Our mature processes and best practices coupled with a robust governance model ensure increased service availability and support to global learners at scale.

Learning and LMS Administration Services
That Scale With Your Business

With comprehensive learning administration services that cover the entire spectrum of learning operations, our robust managed services ensure quality and cost effectiveness. Using efficient technology and high-touch, personalized experiences for learners, we enable many global large-scale learning organizations to focus on strategy and business value while trusting their learning operations to us. Whether you have a highly complex Learning Administration System or ultra-modern Learning Experience Platforms, our dedicated team of highly experienced and efficient administrators can take on fluctuating volumes and capacity with ease. With a Customer Experience Platform that puts you in the driver’s seat with real-time data and insights, our approach to outsourced learning administration gives you back control without the burden of daily operations.

LMS Administration
Event Coordination and Management 
Multi-lingual Helpdesk 24/7 Support
LXP Management and Support
Data Analytics and Reporting
Learning Content Management
Virtual Hosting and Proctoring
Onsite Training Coordination and Support
Learning Content Testing
LMS Implementation, Consulting and Support
Competence Management
Demand Planning

Transformational Learning and LMS Administration

We don’t just aim for a noise-free experience. We aim for complete peace of mind. Our goal is to transform learning administration with rock-solid operations and high service levels under a variable cost model. That’s why our customers have not only increased operational efficiency but have also significantly reduced unmanaged spend, improved overall learning processes, and introduced technology to future-proof their learning organizations.

~ Fortune 500 CLO

We have saved ~50% by outsourcing and pivoting the L&D team. My L&D organization is absolutely humming right now.

Learning Administration
Expected Outcomes

At NIIT, we have always believed that it’s not about training. It’s about results. That’s why our managed training services have clear and tangible outcomes you can expect. As a true partner, we help you maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of your learning ecosystem.

Learning Administration Success Stories

Oil, Gas and Mining
$4 Million Savings in Annual Operational Spend

One of the world’s largest oil and gas companies saves over $4 Million in annual operational spend through a single globalized model across 80 countries and the extended enterprise.

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Technology and Telecom
Enabling 2.3 Million Learning Hours

A telecom giant’s learning administration operations involve supporting 2.3 million hours of learning with 100% volume in 5 languages.

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Life Sciences
A Centralized Learning University for Optimized Learning Operations at Reduced Costs​

A leading pharmaceutical company has centralized all global learning and development with a Corporate University and reduced overall operational spend by 30%.

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Aerospace and Aviation
25% Savings in Learning Administration Costs Through Operational Efficiency

Modernized learning operations at scale for a premier, global aviation engineering leader.

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Simplify and Modernize
Learning Operations

With Our Meticulous Approach to Learning Administration.

Our customers have rated us the highest in terms of service levels and responsiveness.


There’s a Bot for that

L&D organizations are increasingly employing Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to help optimize learning operations such as data entry and course scheduling. RPA BOTs not only speed things up, but they can also help to reduce error rates. Automating routine procedures helps administrators focus on high level tasks that improve the overall learning value chain. At NIIT, we have used RPA technology extensively to help reduce costs and free up time and energy to take on higher-level challenges.

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Optimizing the learning ecosystem

In the last decade, organizations have seen a massive spurt in their learning catalogs and as well as learning technologies, platforms, and systems. Many organizations today, are striving to simplify learning selection and access for an overwhelmed learner. They are also looking at ways to improve the ease of managing learning in terms of catalogs, costs, and consumption. Technology can play a significant role in creating a learning ecosystem that makes both accessing learning and as well as managing learning simpler.

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Mature and technology-driven learning administration methodology

NIIT’s technology platform and toolset can be customized and configured to the needs and technology platforms of our customers. Our mature processes and best practices coupled with a robust governance model ensure increased service availability and support to global learners at scale.

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The Benefits of Global Managed Learning Services in an Economic Downturn

Learning leaders are being asked to help transform their businesses in these mission-critical ways while also navigating the economic uncertainty brought on by speculation about an impending global recession. Now more than ever, learning leaders know that they cannot do it alone. When it comes to training a globally dispersed workforce, this is even more true.

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