Learning Solutions

Our specialized L&D solutions are designed to solve
your toughest HCM and business challenges.

Specialized L&D Solutions

We know the world is changing and the business is increasingly looking at L&D to solve specific HCM and business challenges.

At NIIT, we have over four decades of experience helping L&D teams of Fortune and Global 500 companies solve whatever challenge their business may throw at them.

Whether it is figuring out your tech stack, engaging customers with education solutions, embracing immersive learning, building talent pipelines or taking a managed services approach to leadership, professional, digital or IT skills, NIIT has a transformative solution for you.

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Customer Education

As technology, customer services and education models continue to evolve, customer education organizations need to find sustainable ways to improve customer adoption and grow education services revenue. At NIIT, our portfolio of customer education services helps technology companies elevate customer success and learner experience while improving margins and profitability even as technology continues to transform.

Immersive Learning

Immersive learning technologies are changing the way we experience learning. At NIIT Nfinity Immersive Studios, we provide a full suite of immersive learning solutions including VR, AR, MR, 360 Video, Interactive 3D, and generative AI based solutions. Our mission-based training scenarios are designed to develop employee expertise in key skills through hands-on practice in hyper-real immersive and challenging environments with expert coaching and feedback. 

HCM Technology Consulting

Making your HCM tech stack work efficiently while integrating it with the existing technology in your organization is complex. At NIIT, our platform agnostic HCM technology experts give you the advantage of decades of experience and expertise on product implementation, integration, administration, and functional consultancy. With deep partnerships with Cornerstone and over 400+ HCM tech experts, we make your HCM tech stack really work for you.

Leadership and Professional Skills

With NIIT’s managed services approach to leadership and professional skills development, your teams have the advantage of a comprehensive approach that covers the entire lifecycle of training from content licensing and procurement to facilitation, delivery and administration at reduced costs and increased impact. 

Digital and IT Skills

At NIIT Digit, we empower your workforce with the knowledge and skills to effectively utilize technology for business transformation. Our focus on program mastery upskills your workforce with not just technical skills but also holistic skills like problem-solving and business understanding for competitive advantage. 

Talent Pipeline as a Service

NIIT’s Talent Pipeline as a Service (TPaaS) helps you build reliable talent pipelines that are productive from day one. With a Source-Train-Hire approach, we help you build robust and cost-efficient talent to meet current and future needs without the pressures of prohibitive costs and extended, unpredictable timelines. 

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

At NIIT, we understand that the tick-the-box approach to diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging that has garnered popularity doesn’t realistically challenge or educate learners on the nuances of DEI issues and conversations. That’s why our diversity and inclusion training solutions are built to create lasting change. 

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Digital Reality Roadmap

Whether you are exploring augmented reality, virtual reality, mixed reality, games, or simulations, we work with you to ensure that immersive learning is being used effectively to achieve business impact.

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IT Training - Aggregation Services

NIIT's approach to IT Training Aggregation is built on a strong foundation of People, Process, and Technology elements to ensure a successful, optimized, enterprise-wide IT Training strategy and execution.

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Leadership And Professional Skills Brochure

Help your L&D teams streamline and centralize the entire cycle of leadership and professional skills training with our managed training services approach to reduce cost and chaos.

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Customer Education Brochure

Our portfolio of customer education services helps technology companies elevate customer success while improving margins and profitability.

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