Starting your Learning Transformation Journey

L&D Outsourcing can be an effective strategy to deliver value to your business and lead transformation and change.

L&D at the Epicenter of Change

As industries transform, organizations are preparing for a future of work that looks completely different from the current landscape. L&D finds itself at the epicenter of this transformation and must outpace change to lead the way.

However, most L&D functions are not prepared to manage the enormity of this change and must radically improve effectiveness and efficiency to create a strategic roadmap for the future. While cost has traditionally been the primary reason for L&D outsourcing, capability, capacity, agility, and value have become equally important drivers for L&D outsourcing partnerships.

L&D Outsourcing: Assessing the Opportunity

If you are unsure about outsourcing, assessing where you are is a great way to get started on your journey of learning transformation. It is important to take a 360-degree view of your learning ecosystem including opportunities for outsourcing. NIIT’s consulting team can assess your learning ecosystem through these main lenses:

Business Alignment
Measurable Impact and ROI
Capability and Skills
Agility and Scalability
Operational Excellence
Cost Effectiveness
Competitive Advantage
Technology Stack
Resource Mobility
Learner Experience
Quality & Accountability
Data and Analytics
Learning Outsourcing as a Strategic Lever

Once you have assessed your learning ecosystem you can use outsourcing as a strategic lever to build your business case and roadmap for L&D transformation.
Expand L&D Capability and Skills

In a world where new skills are evolving and L&D capabilities have to include everything from marketing to technology expertise, it is important to have access to flexible capacity. L&D outsourcing can help your L&D function gain access to capability and experience you don’t have and/or can’t afford to build.
Optimize and Reduce Costs

In an uncertain economic environment, it is essential to optimize L&D spend and focus on investments that help you maximize ROI. By moving from high fixed costs to variable costs and increasing operational efficiency, organizations can reduce overall L&D spend from 20% to 50%.
Improve Scalability and Capacity

There is exponential pressure on L&D teams to deliver but this does not mean you have to build armies of people. L&D Outsourcing can help you increase scale at flexible capacity without the added pressure to hire unique skillsets.
Prepare for the Future of Work

If there is any function that needs to lead Future of Work strategies, it is L&D. With the help of an experienced outsourcing partner, your L&D function can build sustainable strategies that align with organizational priorities and future roadmaps.
Elevate Learner Experience

Employees today expect learning experiences that keep them engaged, help them learn on demand in the flow of work, and help what they have learned flow to work. An experienced outsourcing partner can help you improve learner experience from operations to content and delivery.
Build an Efficient Learning Ecosystem

Now more than ever, L&D functions need an efficient learning ecosystem that delivers excellence on all fronts. With a strategic and selective outsourcing strategy, your L&D ecosystem can improve process and service excellence at scale.

On the Fence About L&D Outsourcing?


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