Working at NIIT MTS

NIIT is people. That’s why NIITians are our greatest asset!

Work with the Best

Across the world, in over 30 countries, NIITians start their workday with a smile. That’s because they know that they are part of a team that represents the finest learning professionals in the world.


At NIIT, our goal is to make you look forward to your workday – everyday! Sure, we have challenges. We have solutions to build, customer commitments to keep, and deadlines to meet. But, the journey will always be fun. The process will always be creative and however challenging the task, you will always have a team that stands by you.

That’s why it is not uncommon to hear stories from many “veterans” who have enjoyed a long tenure of over 25 years.

A Culture of Collaboration

Just as we commit to excellence in learning for our customers, we start right here by building an inclusive culture of learning and collaboration in our own workplace. NIITians go through an average of 13 days of training every year. We invest in the success of each employee with our world-class training and development, entrepreneurial environment, and a rewarding work culture.

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of world-class learning professionals.

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Career Path

You'll benefit from mentors who foster an entrepreneurial, upbeat culture that attracts, retains, and rewards your specific talents and helps you define and achieve meaningful career goals. You will also benefit from the stability of a company that's been in the education and learning business for more than four decades, with a tradition of excellence and innovation.

Our employees average over 10 years of learning and education experience and consistently earn high marks from our customers for their industry experience, deep expertise, and roll-up-your-sleeves commitment to every engagement. This “Human IP” has earned us global recognition and numerous awards as the gold standard in learning and development. Because NIIT is a publicly traded company, we offer attractive salaries and competitive benefits. At the same time, we're small enough to offer a collegiate atmosphere and relaxed working environment that encourages personal and professional growth.

Benefits for Your Wellbeing

Our benefit and support packages ensure the physical and mental well-being of each NIITian and his/her family. While benefits may differ across locations, some universal benefits our employees typically enjoy include:

Health and Wellness Plan
Disability Insurance Coverage
Travel Assistance
Employee Assistance Program
Medical Plans
Dental Coverage
Vision Coverage
Life Insurance Coverage
Flexible Spending
Commuter Benefit
Rewards and Recognition
Remote and Hybrid Work Options

Meet the Team

Lior Locher​
Learning Consultant​

I love working for NIIT as I get interesting insights into a range of different clients and industries and at the latest and greatest in technology and design. It is a very diverse company in many ways which I appreciate a lot. I get a lot of elbow room to explore topics I am passionate about and to make my own little dent into the universe.​

Nitish Bhardwaj​
Spanish Language Specialist

NIIT stands out among other organizations for its unique approach to utilizing language experts. Unlike most organizations, where language experts primarily provide support exclusively to internal teams for translation purposes, NIIT takes a more comprehensive approach. At NIIT, language experts are actively involved in all activities, allowing them to contribute their expertise in a multitude of ways. The distinct advantage of working as a language expert at NIIT lies in the opportunity for continuous learning and upskilling. Language experts at NIIT not only gain proficiency in translation but also acquire valuable knowledge in related fields.​

Shauna Nadeau
Training Consultant 

I like working at NIIT because they believe in putting people first. They actively promote diversity and consistently look for ways to help others do the same. They also advocate learning and growth by providing videos and instructor-led classes on a variety of self-improvement topics that are helpful both professionally and personally. I can't imagine working anywhere else.​

Shweta Jairath​
Senior Director, Delivery

NIIT has been a powerhouse of professional learning, growth, and experience during my tenure of 19 years. It is heartening to witness gender diversity, respect, and unbiased opportunities provided to the women at NIIT throughout my journey. This emanates from the core values of the organization, that’s very well nurtured and embedded in its DNA over time. I love working at NIIT because it has empowered me to enhance learning, navigate growth opportunities, undertake leadership roles, take decisions, and lead the teams from the front.​

Aleigha Evens
Training Coordinator

NIIT changed my entire life. For 25 years I was in the Food & Beverage Industry, feeling like I was never unlocking my full potential. When I applied at NIIT, they connected me with one of the customers as their Training Coordinator. With minimal experience and no degree, I was quickly accepted and received training that has turned my world around! In the short 5 months that I have been with NIIT, I have gained education on the fundamentals of technology, effective leadership, project management, and so much more! NIIT has laid the foundation for and continues to imbue me with the skills that I needed to change fields of occupation and transition into an unexpected journey.​

Nick Mongan​
Account Director​

I enjoy working at NIIT because of the exceptionally high levels of innovation across the business. From cutting-edge technology supporting the needs and requirements of our customer base to achieve their business goals and objectives to working with colleagues to develop future products and services that will deliver improvements right across our products and services. Another factor why I love working at NIIT are the core values of the business, which focus primarily on its people, all contributing together for the overall success of the business. ​

The world's best learning professionals choose to work with NIIT.