Manufacturing L&D Solutions

Innovative solutions for learning and development in manufacturing.

Innovative Learning Solutions for Manufacturing Companies

While the manufacturing industry has many challenges to contend with including economic pressures, rising inflation, supply chain disruptions, climate change and geopolitical conflict, the industry is also looking to offset these with new and resilient approaches to people, processes and technology to bolster growth and agility.

As manufacturing companies look to create the factory of the future, L&D leaders need to prepare the workforce for new opportunities like advanced technology, supply chain resilience, and sustainability.

At NIIT, we’ve helped many manufacturing companies redefine their learning ecosystems and align L&D with business priorities to deliver tangible business impact.

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Top Manufacturing Challenges
that L&D can Support

Economic Pressure and Global Uncertainty
Adopting Advanced and Emerging Technology
Increasing the Agility of the Supply Chain
Talent Disruptions and Opportunities
Mitigating Cybersecurity Risks
Sustainability and Renewable Energy

Specialized L&D Services for
Manufacturing Companies

In an uncertain and volatile economic environment with geopolitical strife, manufacturing companies must prepare themselves to create factories of the future. As much of the traditional workforce gets closer to retirement, manufacturing companies have to reinvent their talent and L&D ecosystems to combat talent shortage and rising attrition and make working in manufacturing an attractive value proposition for digital natives. At the same time, they must equip their workforce with the knowledge and skills they will need to meet near-term and long-term business goals. At NIIT, we have spent decades working with manufacturing companies to transform every aspect of L&D from modern and innovative learning systems to immersive learning for frontline employees.
Managed Learning Operations

We know that your business relies on you to reskill, upskill, and prepare your workforce. Now, more than ever, L&D leaders in manufacturing companies need a resilient and adaptive learning ecosystem that can take on any challenge that the business may throw at you. Our comprehensive suite of Managed Learning Services delivers value by aligning L&D goals with business goals to deliver tangible business impact. We also help you maximize L&D effectiveness and efficiency. Whether it is transforming large-scale learning operations including administration, learning delivery, vendor management or strategic sourcing, our services are designed to work with the nuances of the manufacturing industry. When it comes to large-scale learning operations, our goal is to provide you with a dedicated team that guarantees smooth operations and high service levels so that your internal L&D teams can focus on strategic objectives and outcomes.
Custom Content for Skill Building

As one of the largest and most capable providers of custom content in the world, we cover all modalities and levels of learning. We have seen transformative results with the use of sound instructional design and advanced immersive learning for manufacturing companies. Whether it is advanced engineering concepts in an experiential learning environment or game-based safety training, or training teams to engage with customers in a digital environment, our team of content experts meets you where you are. By working with your subject-matter experts, we create content that helps your teams learn in the flow of work. From new skills like cybersecurity training or transitioning to sustainable sources of energy to leadership and professional skills, we design content that scales with your business.
Cutting-Edge Technology Platform for Learning in the Flow of Work

NIIT’s award-winning Learning Experience Platform enables hyper-personalized role, tenure, and performance-based learning journeys through custom and curated content for your workforce. Powered by artificial intelligence, the platform maps learning with performance to offer real-time insights, analytics, and performance support. Every employee on the floor can take advantage of extensive features like skills practice, social and collaborative learning, role plays, coaching and mentoring to improve productivity and performance. With multilingual options and offline synchronization, the platform works globally across developed and emerging markets.

Manufacturing Training Results We Deliver


An award-winning learning intervention that helped contractors and specifiers select the right lugs for the crimping process through an app that received a rating of 5.0.

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Digitalization of the instructor-led training catalog of a leading global automation company to an ultra-personalized learning platform.

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An award-winning real-time 3D simulation in which field engineers can demonstrate their competence by performing ten critical generator tests to get re-certified.

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An award-winning assessment solution to evaluate the product knowledge of over 10,000 sales consultants for a leading global auto manufacturer.

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Challenges for L&D leaders in manufacturing

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