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Award-winning managed training services and L&D solutions for insurance companies.

Experiential Learning Solutions for Insurance Companies

As the insurance industry landscape evolves with new models for embedded insurance, digital self-service and AI-driven process workflows, L&D leaders need to prepare their workforce for new and emerging skillsets.

With traditional ways of working continuing to sunset, L&D leaders need the agility to equip their workforce with the tools and skills that your business needs for competitive advantage. At NIIT, we’ve helped many insurance companies align L&D with business priorities to deliver tangible business impact.

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Challenges for Insurance L&D Leaders

Macroeconomic and Global Uncertainty
Transforming to New Models
Like Embedded Insurance
Increase Digital Engagement
with Customers
The Rise of AI, Automation
& Digital Self Service
Growing focus on ESG
for P&C insurance
Talent Acquisition and Retention

Specialized L&D Services for Insurance Companies

In an insurance landscape where embedded insurance, digital self-service, increasing AI and automation are transforming traditional models and ways of working, your L&D function needs to be one step ahead of the learning curve. As rising attrition makes it harder to acquire and retain talent, large-scale insurers must transform their L&D ecosystems to provide learning in the flow of work to upskill and prepare their workforce for the changes ahead. At NIIT, we have spent decades working with insurance companies to transform every aspect of L&D from modern and innovative learning systems to immersive learning for customer service and claims training to redefining onboarding programs for frontline employees.
Managed Learning Operations

Our comprehensive suite of Managed Learning Services delivers value on both sides of the L&D value equation for insurance companies. On the one hand, we help you align L&D goals with business goals to deliver tangible business impact. On the other, we help you maximize L&D effectiveness and efficiency. Whether it is transforming large-scale learning operations including administration, learning delivery, vendor management or strategic sourcing, our services are designed to work with the complexities of the insurance industry. When it comes to large-scale learning operations, our goal is to provide you with a dedicated team that does all the heavy lifting so that your internal L&D teams can focus on strategic objectives and outcomes.
Immersive Content for Customer Service and Claims

As one of the largest and most capable providers of custom content in the world, we cover all modalities and levels of learning. We have seen transformative results with the use of immersive learning for insurance. For a leading national insurer, our 360-video immersive intervention reconstructs accidents to help accident claim representatives assess damage in a virtual environment and manage claims with empathy and accuracy. Our virtual onboarding programs for a leading insurance company across 27 global markets help onboard agents in a faster and more engaging environment. We have significantly reduced time to competence for new hires by redefining claims training for a leading national insurer. Whether it is recreating a property lab or training agents to engage with customers in a digital environment, our team of content experts meets you where you are.
Cutting-Edge Technology Platform for Learning in the Flow of Work

NIIT’s award-winning Learning Experience Platform for insurance agents is developed in collaboration with a leading Fortune 50 global insurance company. The platform enables hyper-personalized role, tenure, and performance-based learning journeys through custom and curated content for each agent. Powered by artificial intelligence, the academy maps learning with performance to offer real-time insights, analytics, and performance support. Every agent on the field can take advantage of extensive features like social and collaborative learning, role plays, skills practice, coaching and mentoring to improve productivity and performance. With multilingual options and offline synchronization, the platform works across developed and emerging markets.

Insurance Training Results We Deliver


Enterprise-wide improvement in sales performance for over 37,0000 agents across 27 markets by utilizing our award-winning LXP.

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An immersive 360-degree video-based learning experience focused on researching and resolving injury claims associated with the most common types of automobile accidents.

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The virtual 3D boiler app is a full, working model of a D-type boiler, which in real life would be about 20’ wide and 40’ long, as well as dangerously pressurized.

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A transformative model for business insurance that led to a 10% increase in weekly average quotes by trained agents with a 15% increase in premium.

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Discover why Leading Insurance Companies

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Challenges for L&D leaders in insurance

What are the top six challenges that L&D leaders in insurance must overcome?

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Leadership and Professional Skills

NIIT's managed services approach to leadership and professional skills training helped a leading insurance company scale training by 4X.

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Award-Winning LXP

Watch this video to learn about our award-winning technology platform that creates hyper-personalized AI-driven learning pathways designed to deliver superior learner engagement and learner success.

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Three Reasons an Army of Trainers won’t win the war

When it comes to proprietary training, most large global organizations prefer to keep training in-house with an experienced team of trainers. But is this the correct battleplan?

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