Oil & Gas and Mining L&D Solutions

Navigate the transformation in the oil & gas and mining landscape with managed training services.

Align Talent, ESG, and Business Goals with L&D for Demonstrable Business Impact

As the oil and gas as well as mining sectors go through widespread changes spearheaded by clean energy transition, automation and generational shifts in the workforce, talent and learning leaders must be one step ahead to deliver production targets and meet strategic goals.

As an aspirational new generation moves away from field jobs that are physically demanding or potentially hazardous, the experienced generations before them are either on the brink of requirement or transitioning to green energy sectors.

Now, more than ever, talent and L&D leaders across these industries must prepare for an imminent talent crunch and shortage of skills.

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Top Learning and Development Challenges for Oil & Gas/Mining Companies

Energy Transition Towards Green Portfolios
Need for Digital Transformation
Health & Safety of Employees
Price & Demand Fluctuations & Volatility
Workforce Trends & The Future of Work
Disaster Management and Cyber Threats
Aspirational New Generation
Skills & Talent Crunch and Competition
Field Workforce Close to Retirement

Oil & Gas and Mining
Managed Training Services

We can help you navigate the complexities of industry transformation in the oil & gas and mining sectors through transformative L&D services and solutions.

We understand that large global organizations in the oil & gas and mining sectors have unique challenges that require customized L&D solutions and services. Whether it is transitioning to clean energy or widespread automation or an imminent talent crunch, we help your L&D function stay one step ahead through targeted managed learning services designed to meet you where you are.

Managed Learning Operations

Our comprehensive suite of Managed Learning Services delivers value on both sides of the L&D value equation for oil & gas and mining companies. On the one hand, we help you align L&D goals with business goals to deliver tangible business impact. On the other, we help you maximize L&D effectiveness and efficiency. Whether it is large-scale learning operations including administration or vendor management and strategic sourcing, our services are designed to work with the complexities of your industry. When it comes to large-scale learning operations, our goal is to provide you with a dedicated team that does all the heavy lifting so that your internal L&D teams can focus on strategic objectives and outcomes.

Customized Content Solutions

NIIT is one of the largest and most capable providers of custom content in the world. Our customized solutions cover all modalities and levels of learning. Whether it is scenario-based ethics and compliance training or advanced immersive learning for health and safety, we build customized learning solutions that are aligned with business outcomes. Our custom content solutions have enabled oil & gas and mining companies to deliver tangible outcomes like improved productivity, reduction in hazardous incidents and fatalities, reduced time to competence, and more engaging leadership training.

Dedicated Consultants and Transformation Office

We know that learning transformation is not a one-and-done activity, especially in a space that is going through large-scale and widespread transitions. Our dedicated team of embedded consultants and learning professionals are laser-focused on your journey of transformation. Whether it is advanced analytics and data insights through our Customer Experience Platform or focused strategic objectives, we partner with you to create and implement a detailed transformation roadmap aligned to your business goals.

Oil & Gas and Mining Training Results We Deliver


Savings on overall learning operations cost for a global oil & gas leader across an extended enterprise of over 200K learners.

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Reduction in overall number of third-party vendors with NIIT’s strategic sourcing services for a global oil & gas supermajor.

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Savings in overall L&D costs for 45,000 learners across a global mining company through NIIT’s Managed Training Services.

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Reduction in high potential hazards and incidents across three global mining locations for a global mining leader through an effective blended learning program.

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Our Expertise in the Oil & Gas and Mining Industries is the Result of Deep Partnerships With Leading Companies that Span over a Decade.

Our 100% Long-term Renewal Rate with These Companies Reflects Our Deep Partnership at Both the Strategic and Operational Levels.


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Six Challenges for Oil & Gas L&D Leaders

A volatile and uncertain market directly impacts the oil & gas industry. Now, more than ever, L&D leaders in oil and gas need to prepare for these six challenges.

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5 Factors to Address the Total Cost of Learning 

If you are evaluating your investment in third party training based on what you are billed by third-party providers, you may be overlooking several categories of hidden cost that make up the Total Cost of Learning.

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