Date: July 11, 2023

Achieving growth through leadership development 

Today’s leadership training approaches face numerous challenges, including inconsistency in quality and pricing, duplication and redundancy across the system, and high fixed costs. They must also overcome barriers of limited scalability, sourcing roadblocks, and substandard operational excellence. These obstacles can leave L&D organizations scrambling to deliver training that produces the results they need. 

In 2021, more than 50% of global L&D professionals identified leadership and management programs as their top priority. With effective leadership training being both a business imperative and a competitive advantage, many CLOs recognize that in-house training organizations simply cannot do it all. By centralizing leadership training with an experienced provider however, L&D organizations have the power to optimize administration and overhead, improve leadership training ROI, free in-house teams to work on strategic initiatives, and position training to scale as business needs evolve. 

NIIT leadership training: Optimization, scalability, and ROI 

With over 40 years of experience across more than 30 countries worldwide, NIIT has developed a proven, comprehensive learning ecosystem that delivers ROI and results. Our one-stop-shop for all leadership development and soft skills training needs, NIIT Leadership Training offers: 

  • Centralized vendor sourcing and management – Our centralized system eliminates vendor duplication and redundancies, delivers consistent training quality and delivery styles, and consolidates pricing and billing to reduce costs 
  • Bespoke content design and development - We build a custom training curriculum using your content, by creating net-new content, and by using third-party vendor content 
  • Immersive training options – We create immersive learning experiences that enable users to learn within the natural flow of their work while providing a safe learning environment to practice skills learned 
  • Measurable cost reduction – By removing the learning administration burden on in-house teams and optimizing trainer utilization, we can eliminate or reduce high fixed costs associated with personnel, travel, administrative overhead, and the costs of providing training in different modalities
  • Positioning for easy scalability – The centralized NIIT vendor catalog and our dedicated, customized Facilitator Teams of over 1,000 instructors and our best-in-class partner network enable us to provide unmatched global scale with regional flexibility 

We meet you where you are 

NIIT leadership training aggregation services help global organizations centralize and manage leadership training and administration at scale, providing a customized approach that meets you where you are in your training journey. Our end-to-end leadership training solutions optimize costs and provide a consistent, scalable learning environment, and our extensive network of worldwide training partners enables us to make global scalability an affordable reality.  

Start developing tomorrow’s leaders today 

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