Date: June 27, 2023

Top Veeva Training Mistakes Every Pharma CLO Should be Aware of 

Is your Veeva solution deployment training stuck in features and benefits? You are not alone. When it comes to large-scale application training rollouts, most training companies take the traditional route of explaining the platform’s features and benefits.

Here’s what they miss.

They don’t explain how Veeva can transform the way they work.

At NIIT Life Sciences, we have witnessed several aha moments when our training sessions uncover the power of Veeva by helping people learn in the flow of their everyday transactions and routine work.

With decades of experience in training organizations on Veeva platforms, we’ve uncovered some common mistakes that organizations make when it comes to Veeva implementation and training.

1. Disconnect with ways of working

Perhaps the number one mistake is to treat training as a features and benefits tour. Simply explaining each feature and its benefit is not going to help your learners adopt the technology. Training has to be aligned to their ways of work and designed to help them perform better in their routine tasks and transactions. This leads to improved productivity and faster time to competence. With built in practice sessions that are designed around improving existing workflows with Veeva, your learners get context on the practical application of each feature. When your learners discover that Veeva technology can truly enable them to perform better, adoption is guaranteed.

2. Legacy Learning Technologies

Redundant and dated learning technology often results in disjointed learning journeys. While your current LMS may not be able to support these journeys, specialized training providers like NIIT Life Sciences can utilize the powerful capabilities of their AI-powered LXP to design ultra-personalized and structured learning paths for your teams. With a modern experience that encourages learning in the flow of work, learners can retain the knowledge and skills needed for the successful adoption of Veeva technology. Moreover, with the analytics and visibility that these platforms provide on learner performance and progress, you have a clear line of sight on successful implementation.

3. Incompatible training partner

Investing in the right technology platform is just the beginning of a journey. Adoption and training are critical factors in the success of any new technology. While there could be several factors contributing to training gaps, it is essential to identify the right training partner. A compatible training partner that meets you where you are is critical for training alignment and success. Whether you are just starting out or have to start over, a training partner that takes the time to understand your ecosystem and customize the learning approach accordingly can have a profound impact on the ROI of your investment.

4. One and done or overtrain?

Has your training provider thrown the kitchen sink at your team? Over-Training employees is in fact a very common and critical mistake that many organizations make. Excessive training does not translate to better efficiency or greater adoption, but it does lead to training fatigue. At NIIT Life Sciences, we draw a clear distinction between what learners ought to know vs. throwing an entire training manual at them. The other challenge is the one-and-done approach. This is when training providers try to teach your learners everything they must know because it’s the only chance they’ve got. Training can never be one and done – it is an iterative process as learners evolve in their proficiency. Bite-sized learning modules, tips and tricks, performance support, gamification and leader boards can help elevate the learner experience and overall retention.

If you are thinking of investing in Veeva technology, training is critical to successful deployment, increased productivity, and higher ROI. With the right Veeva training partner, organizations can empower their employees with relevant, practical, and effective training – even in a highly matrixed organization.

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