Reduce cost to acceptable levels

The total cost of training comprises of both direct and indirect costs. In fact based on our experience indirect costs are almost 3 to 5 times that of direct costs. NIIT’s running training like a business approach is designed to help expose hidden training costs and bring overall costs to acceptable levels.

Move fixed costs to variable costs

One of the strategies of reducing overall training costs is to move fixed costs to variable costs wherever possible. At NIIT, we have helped many customers optimize costs by moving their costs from fixed to variable so that they only pay for what they use.

Become more relevant

Business alignment is critical for L&D to become more relevant to the business. In fact, L&D needs to run at the speed of business or even faster to stay relevant. However, this is often not the case, in fact in a lot of organizations innovations and efficiencies in L&D have been slower than other business functions.

Increase value

Learning organizations need to deliver quantifiable value by delivering results that move the needle on business value. In order to create value, L&D needs to design solutions that are backed by strong business linkage at one end and are able to demonstrate measurable impact on the other.

Focus on strategic elements of the business

Outsourcing the non-strategic elements of your business can allow the L&D function to focus on more strategic elements like understanding the needs of the business and having dialogues with the business to develop viable learning solutions.