Repeatedly and Successfully Outsourced L&D Processes

Training is not a core competency for most organizations – yet it is critical to your business. Therefore, you not only need a partner who can add incremental value to your L&D organization, but you also need to clearly determine all L&D outsourcing opportunities.

Once you have made the business case for L&D outsourcing, it is important to consider what processes you can completely outsource, those that you can partially outsource and the ones where you can share responsibility with your L&D outsourcing partner.

Our infographic clearly outlines what we have seen as repeatedly and successfully outsourced L&D processes.


Opportunities for Outsourcing

Scoping outsourcing opportunities is a vital step in your journey to a successful outsourcing partnership. A general rule of thumb to leverage the external enterprise is to outsource high volume processes with low strategic value or those that you may not have the expertise to do in-house. Similarly, you could scope delivery options like onshore, offshore, hybrid or a phased combination depending on the criticality of the process.


The following chart outlines the typical opportunities for outsourcing based on our experience:

Curriculum Management & Content Development

Proprietary Delivery

Learning Administration

Strategic Sourcing

Design & Development of Bespoke Courses

  • Instructional Design, Development across modalities
  • Project Management, Maintenance, Localization

  • Instructor provisioning

  • Instructor management

  • Schedule management

  • Facilities provisioning

  • Facilities partner management

  • Materials fulfillment

  • Delivery quality management

Core Administration Services

  • LMS Administration

  • Training Event Coordination (ILT, vILT)

Vendor Management

  • Administration, fulfillment

  • Purchase orders

  • Payments, etc.

Curriculum Design for Pivotal Programs

  • Performance Consulting

  • Pivotal Roles

  • Strategic Initiatives


Local Session Services

  • Classroom setup, meet & greet

  • Hospitality

  • Evaluation collection

Procurement & Sourcing

  • New needs

Curriculum Architecture for Academies

  • Definition

  • Ongoing Maintenance

  • Analysis

  • Reengineering


Strategic Services

  • Demand Planning & Consulting,

  • Driving strategic initiatives (e.g., rollout)

Portfolio Administration

  • Demand Planning & Consulting,

  • Driving strategic initiatives (e.g., rollout)