Specialized Solutions for Specialized Needs

At NIIT, training is not just our business. It is our passion. That’s why we understand that L&D solutions can never be a one-size-fits-all option for large organizations on the brink of digital transformation and change. While our Managed Training Services address a broad spectrum of learning outsourcing services, we also offer specialized solutions for specific training needs.

Our specialized solutions range from customer education services for technology companies to AR/VR and gamification solutions.




Customer Education

NIIT offers an unmatched portfolio of customer education services for technology companies. Our goal is to help your customer education business increase profitability through an OPEX neutral cost structure with assured margins. A partnership with NIIT will lead to reduced customer education and partner enablement costs and significantly improved scale and adoption.

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Gamification, AR and VR

GameWorks by NIIT is an advanced projects studio utilizing real time 3D technology for serious games, simulations, augmented, virtual and mixed reality learning experience. Based in Sheffield, England, our team of “triple A” experienced gaming professionals combine over 100 years of experience developing titles for the biggest studios in the world.

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Application Rollouts

Application Rollouts

With the acquisition of Eagle Productivity Solutions, NIIT has strengthened its expertise for large-scale application rollouts. We deliver the highest levels of end user adoption for any technology by changing end user behavior. Our clients see real results in ROI, adoption, compliance, productivity, and efficiency. Our goal is to help our customers achieve some of the highest rates of performance to improve their business practices.

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Content Curation

Content Curation and Learner Engagement

Modern learners have limited time and increasingly prefer informal modes of learning to formal structured learning. NIIT’s content curation service continually aggregates and offers relevant and organized content on specific topics to learners. This curated content is shared through a platform that increases learner interaction and engagement. 

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Talent Pipeline as a Service

NIIT’s Talent Pipeline as a Service creates reliable talent pipelines that provide the capability to deliver specifically skilled, ready to deploy talent that can productively deliver business outcomes as soon as they join the workforce. Our goal is to reduce the duration and cost of training significantly while increasing effectiveness.

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Business Impact

Customer Education for one of the World’s Largest Technology Companies

NIIT has helped standardize training delivery and administration operations for education services at a leading technology company resulting in improved profitability and scale.

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An Award-Winning Leadership Game

NIIT’s award-winning game is a real time 3D training intervention on ethics and compliance designed for senior leaders at a leading oil and gas company and is based on a learning by doing approach.

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