Curating Content to Add Value

With the rise of informal learning and the availability of a plethora of learning resources, content curation has become an essential element in L&D strategy over the past few years. Content curation involves sorting and aggregating massive amounts of web and enterprise based content and presenting it to learners in an organized and meaningful format through a centralized portal or repository.

The central challenge in content curation today is to not inundate learners with a surge of information and present it to them in an organized and structured manner. You need a partner who can help you sift through the deluge of content to truly add value to your learning charter.

NIIT’s content curation solution uses a process-driven approach with structured learning pathways designed to filter content to the learner in a phased manner.

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Learner Engagement

Consider this. Netflix was born in 1997 when the youngest millennials were about a year old and the oldest were about fifteen. YouTube emerged eight years later and four years later, Uber drove on to the world scene. In other words, the millennial generation has grown up on choice and technology. They like to be in control of what they watch, how they commute, and how they prefer to be entertained. Technology is an integral part of their daily lives. With the advent of the smart phone in 2000, they also have to deal with shorter attention spans and the need to be constantly connected.

Today, millennials make up 35% of the American workforce making them the largest generation in the U.S. labor force, according to a Pew Research Center analysis of U.S. Census Bureau data. Yet, when they enter the workforce, many of them have to contend with traditional methods of training which may be a tedious instructor-led session or a boring page-turner e-learning session. Most millennial learners tend to disconnect and tune out in such situations.

Modern L&D organizations must realize that corporate learners now have choices. We need to look at them as consumers rather than “diktat-driven” employees. At NIIT, we have learned many lessons from B2C education to move our approach from top-down learning to a more democratized, consumer-driven learning strategy. We bring lessons and tools from consumer marketing with data and analytics to engage with the learner during their entire learning journey in an ultra-personalized manner.

The Modern Learner:

Look for Purpose

Looks for Purpose


Wants to be Inspired


Loves to Learn New Things


Is "Flawsome"


Is a Work in Progress


Is Discerning about Content


Celebrates Success and Achievement

How We Help

Content Curation Approach

NIIT’s content curation approach consists of the following steps:



This refers to searching for and collecting information from multiple sources.



This means sifting through mountains of data to zero in on the most relevant piece of information that will serve learner needs accurately.



This means arranging the content to impart logic and structure. This aids learning by easing comprehension.



This refers to enhancing the value of the content by adding comments, a title, a brief explanatory note or an overview, more information, and/or tags.



This refers to storing, cataloging and archiving the curated content to facilitate easy future reference.

Learning Pathways

For specific needs, NIIT curates content in specific learning pathways, tailored for specific job roles. A typical set of learning pathways can be:

Introductory Pathway

This helps the learner understand their job role, key skills and responsibilities through videos, articles, and blogs. Learners are also presented with possible career paths.

Job Role Pathway

This pathway is more specific to a job role and the learner is presented with content relevant to the primary tools, skillsets and experience required for the role. The learner is also introduced to the relevant attributes needed to perform a role.

Skilling Pathway

This pathway enables learners to learn more about their role. Learners are presented with focused content related to the skills and concepts needed for their job role.

Deep Skilling Pathway

This advanced learning pathway enables learners to develop deep skills in their job role and earn credentials through accredited and recognized courses from channel partner websites.

Business Impact

Personalized, Data-Driven Content Curation for the Extended Enterprise

A customized content curation platform for a Fortune 50 global financial services company to enable learners to access personalized external content on demand.

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