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In a new world where new content modalities are transforming how employees consume learning, having large in-house teams of trainers and facilitators leads to high fixed costs with low instructor utilization. This model limits not just flex capacity to handle peak demand, it also impacts the adoption of new content delivery modalities. You need a partner who can take on your challenges of scalability and reach while minimizing fixed costs and maximizing trainer utilization.

At NIIT, we develop armies of trainers so that you don’t have to.


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Create Scalable Global Learning Strategies

At NIIT, we help hundreds of companies transform worldwide training. Our learning delivery solutions are custom-built from the ground up leveraging our core competencies of global instructor sourcing and delivery management. Transform global training delivery from an unmanageable moving target into an efficient, agile, scalable-on-demand process that delivers a truly “glocal” experience offering your teams regional flexibility at a global scale.

Increase Trainer Utilization and Cross-skilling

As training needs ebb and flow, expensive full-time, in-house training resources can go unused for extended periods. At NIIT, we help you enhance subject matter expertise through a custom-built, dedicated team of trainers using over 30 years of global instructor sourcing and delivery management expertise. With dedicated master trainers for competence management, we upskill and certify the trainer pool to ensure 100% trainer cross-skilling and utilization.

Eliminate High Fixed Costs with Rebadging

While trainers with proprietary knowledge are essential to your business, the fixed costs of managing your in-house team of trainers can be high. At NIIT, we have a seamless process to help you retain and enhance the quality of trainers by rebadging them to ensure retention of proprietary knowledge and continuity. We refactor roles, extend cross-skilling and remove administrative and operational tasks from trainers so you get the most out of your training budget.

Optimize Corporate Spend with Hybrid Training Delivery Models

Today’s hybrid work environment needs hybrid training delivery models that meet your learners where they are. Get the advantage of virtual and blended training modalities that deliver the same learning experience and outcomes at a fraction of the cost. Our flexible capacity and dynamic scheduling enable you to increase fill rates and further optimize costs.

Expand Reach with Global Flexible Capacity

At NIIT, our customers are always poised to scale, with access to trainers on-demand through our global talent hubs. With global and collaborative hubs for better scalability and on-demand capabilities, NIIT’s training delivery model is powered by a network of over 2,500 instructors and a best-in-class partner network. This gives your teams access to a wider curriculum portfolio, with an agile pool of facilitators with consistent facilitation across all markets.

Robust Processes, Governance, and Technology

At NIIT, we deliver improved service levels and responsiveness through robust Service Level Agreements and analytics to track key processes and metrics. Our learning delivery solution includes governance, process and resource management, innovation, and technology improvements to free our customers from justifying an internal training overhead. We also drive innovation through technology with our Event Readiness System and Trainer App.

Transformational Learning Delivery

NIIT does not offer or rely on a standard, or off-the-shelf bank of courses or instructors. Our learning delivery solutions are custom-built from the ground up, leveraging our core competencies of global instructor sourcing and delivery management. We rely on robust Train-the-Trainer and project-specific trainer onboarding, which often involves transferring or badge flipping select trainers from our customers to NIIT. We have the proven ability to work across domains and subject areas to form true and valuable partnerships with our clients.

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Learning Delivery Specialists That Get Results

At NIIT, we have always believed that it’s not about training. It’s about results. That’s why our managed training services have clear and tangible outcomes you can expect. As a true partner, we help you maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of your learning ecosystem.

Learning Delivery Success Stories ​

365% ROI on Training Over Three Years

Discover how the world’s largest Open-Source provider realized 365% ROI on training over three years with NIIT’s learning delivery services spanning 80 cities in seven languages for 27K+ learners.

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Life Sciences
Accelerating Vaccine Trials for COVID-19

NIIT’s centralized training delivery model for a leading clinical trial company enabled them to accelerate onboarding for critical COVID-19 vaccine trials.

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Collaborative Agency Transformative Model

Our customer and NIIT collaborated to develop a training program using an agency transformative model to rollout the revamped Business Insurance product line and technology to company agents across the country.

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Technology & Telecom
Accelerating 5G Certifications

A leading telecom company could effectively rollout new certifications for 5G technology with a scalable global delivery model powered by NIIT.

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Transform Learning Delivery with our Proven Model

for Outsourcing Learning Delivery with Tangible Business Outcomes.


Redefining Learning Delivery

To ensure that our customers always have access to trainers on demand, we create a flex capacity with our global talent hubs. We refactor roles, extend cross-skilling and remove administrative and operational tasks from trainers to enhance utilization.

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NIIT Trainer Diaries

In this three-part series, NIIT’s Technical Head of our Center of Excellence chronicles his rich experiences as a trainer and shares rich anecdotes from his journey of training thousands of learners for over two decades. 

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What is routinely outsourced in learning delivery?

One of the critical success factors for successful training delivery is to determine what to outsource (and what to keep in-house) to maximize learning delivery effectiveness and efficiency when working with an outsourcing partner.

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