NIIT’s Integrated Technology Platform

NIIT’s integrated technology platform comprises of multi-faceted systems and an analytics platform. The platform enables user request process flows, tracking and monitoring processes, reporting and dashboards. Our dedicated Learning Technology practice focuses on innovative solutions and the continuous enhancement and evolution of our technology platform.

We have built multiple applications that address core functionality requirements. These are integrated to work together in a seamless interface to enable a user-friendly experience along with an enriched data management mechanism that generates customized reports to view status on demand.


Each of our applications is designed to address the key requirements of core processes:

Sourcing Xchange

Sourcing Xchange is an online marketplace that manages NIIT’s huge supplier base across multiple portfolios, geographic regions, domains, languages, and partnership categories. The supplier selection and on-boarding processes ensure that all attributes of the supplier information are verified along with the catalog of courses, pricing information and other details. This system also tracks supplier level performance based on the numerous service transactions between a specific supplier and customer. Over a period, the system tracks supplier performance on many parameters including user feedback, incident track record, and others.

Booking Portal

NIIT’s Booking Portal is a single interface where clients can place course requests through a catalog for pre-approved courses. The automated workflow reduces errors and ensures that tracking is accurate. The portal can be customized and enhanced per specific client requirements. There are options to make special requests if a specific course is cannot be found. There are built in “How to videos” to demonstrate the process of placing booking requests.

We use as a base platform, which has been customized and configured to meet the needs of LMS administration and Training coordination tasks. We have dedicated and trained resources who configure and customize per customer requirements and deliverables. Our system has all the modules to ensure end-to-end training coordination so that all processes including LMS administration are tracked and measured.

Resource Management Tool

The Resource Management Tool has been built to support the management of resources like facilities, instructors, and equipment that may be required for a training event. The tool enables learning administrators to set up and manage classrooms, instructors, computers and projection equipment, required to deliver training in a live event.

Event Readiness System

The CRM-linked Event Readiness System automates the process of managing training delivery tasks. It keeps track of all activities in the training delivery and post-delivery process.This reduces the incidence of errors, and therefore, reduces wastage of human and other resources. The system has helped our customers on cancelation costs, deliver higher SLAs, and increase trainer utilization. Overall, it helps in significantly increasing the efficiency of our client’s training processes.

Case Management Tool

The Case Management Tool helps manage each type of LMS administration activity whether it is a pre-delivery, delivery, or post-delivery LMS administration activity. Each activity has a predefined SLA and all SLAs are programmed into this system. This enables us to access detailed and dynamic reporting, real-time performance, and SLA monitoring and enables data-driven decision making and continuous improvement.

Customer Portal

Through the Customer Portal, customer stakeholders and suppliers can interact with,generate reports, and view the status of the various activities that NIIT support teams perform. These include SLA reports and dashboards.

EASE Analytics Platform

Our EASE Analytics platform is cloud-based and provides in-depth learning analytics to business sponsors. It is compatible with multiple LMS, TMS and HRIS. It functions through the enterprise-wide integration of multiple systems into bespoke dashboards. It is configured to track and analyse training initiatives in real-time and gives a big-picture view of the learning ecosystem to enable informed decisions. It is a one-stop shop for all learning analytics and measures organization wide learning initiatives including spend by market, by region, by business unit and various other customized views of information.