NIIT Announces New Offering - Managed Training Services Now Available

ATLANTA, Georgia - November 4, 2009 - NIIT has announced a new Managed Training Services offering that will provide customers with the enhanced impact, reduced costs and sharpened focus that they need to succeed in today business climate. This move is in response to recent research, as well as requests from customers, indicating the need for learning leaders to deliver high-impact programs that map to corporate goals, while assessing the value of programs and controlling costs.

Managed Training Services are a logical extension of NIIT expertise advisory and learning services. While other organizations offer training as a complimentary solution, training is our business said Sapnesh Lalla, Senior Vice President of NIIT (USA), Inc. When appropriately leveraged, training can have a wide reaching effect on business drivers within an organization. Utilizing a Managed Training Services allows senior leaders within large corporations to deliver upon the critical strategic objectives to impact business by way of the employee lifecycle, continued Lalla."

A Bersin & Associates study in 2008 showed that learning leaders seek the means to drive significant change, but are often so busy managing the day-to-day requirements of their business that they do not have the time to invest in strategic change initiatives. By partnering with NIIT, companies can transfer the accountability and responsibility for one or more training processes to a trusted partner, which frees up internal resources for strategic projects while reducing costs and increasing the business alignment and impact of the outsourced training programs.

Finding ways to enhance our customers cost-cutting efforts and help maximize the returns from their investments in training and development is of paramount importance. Particularly in today economy, we strongly believe that cost reduction is merely an entry-ticket, and the truly successful outsourcing partnerships are ones where we can accelerate the talent development organization desire to demonstrate concrete business value. Managed Training Services is a proven process which enables the human resource organization clear decision-making ability and consistent focus on cost and service quality goals, and as such, is an extremely viable alternative sourcing model for many of our customers, particularly in today business environment, added Lalla.

NIIT Managed Training Services offerings is comprised of a comprehensive range of managed services including curriculum design, custom content development and management, delivery management, operations management, learning administration management and technology management, including a robust global Learning Management System provided in a software-as-a service model.

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