Delivering Unabridged Live Entertainment with 5G

By NIIT Editorial

Published on 03/01/2021

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Live entertainment will never be the same, once 5G comes into its own. Events management is one domain that will hope to make the most of it. The industry is majorly dependent on delivering awe-inspiring game-day experiences with effects and whatnot. But once the networks are overhauled for massive user onboarding with negligible lag, similar in-stadium experiences could be delivered to spectators located in distant corners of the globe.

To make things sweeter, the digital audience count for live broadcasts is set to soar. Take the example of the US. As early as last year, 4.37 billion minutes were spent watching NFL football by fans. With 5G, immersive technology has the opportunity to step into homes and blur the lines between the real and the digital. This is where the opportunity scope for 5G businesses rests.

5G in Sports    

We’ve seen how Tony Stark, the fictional lead of the Iron Man franchise interacted with holograms performing drag and drop maneuvers and speaking to his voice-mate, Jarvis. While accomplishing that might take a few years, it would be possible for audiences to sprawl the field with the statistic of their choice, anytime they want.

When wireless cameras telecast the game, audiences with smart devices will be able to choose a viewing angle of their choice. This unprecedented personalized entertainment can only heighten the frenzy among victory-craving fans who’d love a piece of the in-stadium experience. 


And just like the mobile applications of the day that run a freemium model to inhibit ads from hindering the user experience, we might see vendors jumping over the roof to be seen, up close and personally, by the exact match buyers. 

5G in Sports


5G-Powered Concerts


Apart from sports, concerts act as one of the best attractions for public gatherings and as it happens, they can profit off with sci-fi effects making on-stage performances appear larger than life. With the mobile edge operating within the immediate locale, concert-goers will be taken aback by open-air holograms, and projections that were long considered possible to imitate on the silver screen with 3D technology. 


The conventional ticketing business models will go for a toss, as virtual reservations reign supreme for stage-side access to artists. The same camera-controls being envisaged for sports will have a bearing on concerts. To sum it up, revenue streams for the on-the-go music industry will multiply manifold. 


A prelude of the things in store is the virtual concert organized by Marshmello and Epic Games. 10 million people were privy to the virtual gig that was played out in-game. With 5G and low-latency, such gigs would only get better.


5G in Live Entertainment



5G for OTT Entertainment


When Netflix first debuted, little did people know that Blockbuster stores would be a thing of the past. As 5G matures, OTT platforms will add advanced viewing options to choose from. The first iterations of this streaming experience have been unfolded by YouTube TV who in partnership with Major League Baseball used AR to enhance it’s overlays and advertising. 


Various test cases validate the notion that the screen size is directly proportional to the viewing duration. Based on this analysis, foldable smartphones are making their presence felt in the market and being received warmly by the public. It makes sense to actually use the smaller screen for calling and typing and a wider one for streaming, where OTT platforms would have to vie for consumer share. 


With the diversity of viewing options to accentuate a 2D video, it is safe to say that OTT platforms would formulate a dominant share of our free time.

5G and live entertainment


Final Thoughts  


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