Key SEO Trends for 2022

By NIIT Editorial

Published on 21/02/2022

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It is very important to be on top of your SEO game if you want to ensure an upbeat face against competitors. Implementing relevant strategies will ensure you don’t miss out on crucial traffic  This is one reason why novice marketers need digital marketing training. Speaking of SEO, here are the latest trends that you should be wary of. 

Shift to Long-Format Content 

People want to read without the need to switch between tabs. This points to the fact that you should have plenty of long-format content that can keep the reader engaged by answering their queries. As per a stat articles that are about 2400 in word length tend to rank higher by virtue of having more information pertaining to the user query. 

SEO to be improved by AI 

AI continues to have a strong say in how people engage with content online. RanBrain will integrate more Artificial Intelligence into its workings thereby making it challenging for marketers to rank their content. 

Mobile Friendliness 

Instead of prioritizing the desktop version of a brand, search engines will prioritize the mobile versions. This is also the case because a greater number of people are searching for information directly through mobile. To know how your mobile website ranks, try Google’s mobile-friendly tester online. 

Video to make an entry into SEO

80% of Facebook’s content is now video-based, with the remaining 20% also transitioning onto this format. The popularity of YouTube, Snapchat, and TikTok signal the emergence of video platforms to be a long-term trend. Content creators must approach video as a must-have content format to attract audiences. 

Voice Search 

Since voice search is gaining prominence, it is smart to integrate voice-friendly search keywords in your content. Do remember, that you speak differently and you write differently. Therefore, do your background check in shortlisting the keywords you think your customer would search more. 

Featured Snippets 

Featured snippets are the best way to gain immediate traction on the search engine results page. They are brief and to the point. Refer to the people also search for section and you would know exactly the kind of short-format content that must be produced. 

Image Optimization 

Do all of your images have alt-tags? No. Well, then you have your task cut out for you. Google Images is a huge repository and if not through organic search rank, then you can certainly get people to come onto your website through images. 

Focus on Local Search Listings 

Most consumers search for local listings, places to visit, restaurants, hotels, etc. on search engines. This is one reason why local search engine optimization has become very important. Digital marketing courses, like the Full Stack Digital Marketing Programme lay special emphasis on local search engines. 

Prioritize Data Analytics 

Data science is the perfect way to monetize the numbers that are coming in. You can use it to analyse customer reactions, sentiment analysis, campaign performance and whatnot. Do not miss out on making full use of data analytics lest you want to regret not doing so later. 

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