6 Best-Practices to make your digital self Cyber-Secure

By NIIT Editorial

Published on 08/04/2021

7 minutes

Cyber security tools are the first, and perhaps the only line of defence separating the attacking entity from the victim. For common folk who do not possess the intelligible know-how of cyber attacks, installing a ready-to use tool that detects and annihilates threats should be a priority. The following tools could be your best bet against such attacks. 




An anti-malware is a program that can identify, thwart and eradicate adversarial software i.e. malware, from your device. 


Typically, they are designed to scan incoming data for dubious code, worms, trojans, and or keyloggers following which the identified code is blocked from entry. Third party websites place cookies on devices to track and retarget customers. An anti-malware can point-out harmful cookies and get rid of them. Running this software, you can optimize browser security as per industry standards. 


Some Anti-malware products even issue advance warnings to users when they are about to visit a possibly harmful website. Moreover, they can stop the virus spread from one device to another and prevent data loss. 


Virtual Private Network 


One of the most common cyber crimes is password loss which happens when people are using a non-verified network. 


Switching on a Virtual Private Network (VPN) provides added protection. The security layer of a VPN discredits unauthorized personnel outside the network from accessing the device IP and tracking its search history. Personal information such as passwords, credit card numbers etc. can be safeguarded with a VPN. 


Hackers can program malware to steal personal information. Since remote work has proliferated workspaces, more companies are installing VPNs to secure virtual connections. 


Brave Browser 


Advertisers have innovated new ways to latch onto user data, disregarding privacy and anonymity. For instance, they install ad trackers on devices to continue collecting information. The Brave Browser stops this from ever taking place by blocking ad trackers. 


You can continue to surf the net as an anonymous user with the Brave Browser. This product is cross-compatible and is often claimed to be one of the most private browsers in the world. 



The good old offline storages never go out of fashion. Whether data loss is accidental or inflicted, backups offer a data recovery method that beats online storage alternatives, including the cloud. Backup critical data in hard drives and store them safely. The files can be password protected.  



A Firewall is a security system that scans incoming and outgoing files from the network server. In doing so, it determines and blocks harmful files from corrupting the network. In a way firewalls operate in a similar manner to anti-malware programs. They guard the entry-points to computers i.e., the ports before files coming from suspected sources can cause damage.  


Upon identifying and blocking the passage of harmful files, firewalls notify you to take action. There are 4 types of firewalls, namely: 


  • Next-Generation Firewalls 
  • Proxy Firewalls 
  • Network Address Translation Firewalls 
  • Stateful multilayer Inspection Firewalls 


Password Protection 


This one is down to common sense. Having a strong password is the first and foremost step to bolstering your device security. Using multiple-account logins is something that everybody is used to. However, for the sake of remembering the password, most of us tend to use the same code for smartphones, email clients, social media accounts and whatnot. 


The best and often the most secure websites encourage you to have a tough password that includes a combination of upper/lower case letters, numbers, special symbols and is 8-10 characters long. This should be part of common practice. 

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