Cloud Computing Roles You Must Explore

By NIIT Editorial

Published on 18/03/2021

6 minutes

The cloud computing market in India is a promising prospect for both investors and entrepreneurs alike. Within the sub-continent, the market size, as per a few reports, will reach a valuation of INR 196.46 billion by 2026. Another indicator of this growth is the variety of roles for the labor pool. Here is a checklist of the top jobs that the cloud computing market has to offer: 


Cloud Broker 


This job is administrative in nature where the professional is responsible for setting up a relationship between the cloud vendor and B2B customers. Their responsibilities are as follows: 


  • Setting up service level agreements between parties.
  • Creating competitive packages as per the emerging trends in the market.
  • Ensuring industry-standard, post-sales services are meted to the customer and timely payments on the part of the same. 


Cloud Product Manager


Their job is to see that they offer up-to-date product catalogues shuffling and adding new offerings as per the demand. Business analysis and feasibility studies are a staple part of their resume. Other responsibilities are as follows: 


  • Product development and strategize for sustaining competition 
  • Test and see the viability of products
  • Internalize training for upcoming products 


Cloud Security Manager


They are responsible for the regulation and implementation of security standards. The below mentioned KRAs should give you an elaborate view of their day to day workings: 


  • Secure the cloud computing architecture. 
  • Identifying scope for improvement as per advancement in technology. 
  • Often, they oversee the implementation of security layers for the customers.


Cloud System Administrator 


They ensure an error-free implementation of all cloud services. A cloud system administrator assures resourceful extension of the cloud infrastructure to the customer. 


  • Configure the cloud platform as per the demand of the customer. 
  • Be adept at setting up public/private clouds. 


Cloud Developer 


They engineer the systems as per the demand specifications of the user undertaking coding, quality testing, and debugging of cloud systems. Their responsibilities are as follows:


  • Create cloud infrastructure 
  • Troubleshoot system in instances of downtimes
  • Maintain a log of operations and key procedures  

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