5 Myths About App Store Optimization

By NIIT Editorial

Published on 23/03/2021

7 minutes

It’s the era of 4G, 5G, and possibly ‘everything-digital’ – users don’t confine themselves to having just a fancy smartphone. They want more in terms of apps, the versions, so on and so forth. Thousands of applications scurrying on digital expressway and you think not being up to date would help you stay ahead in race? Let us break it to you, it won’t.

This in turns should ring a bell if you’re a business owner or marketer. The apps if available and not updated are as good as not having one. For the uninitiated, App Store Optimization (or ASO) offers plethora of services for brands that focus on mobile only branding. From trending on app store/play store to app promotions, campaigns, and more, ASO is this and more.

The ASO industry has over time has confronted many business challenges, but myths have always been one of the top concerns. Here are a few ASO myths debunked –

  1. ASO becomes more powerful if you frequently change titles.

Nope. Sticking to one title is far better. There is a scepticism on the title name. Although some experts believe that changing name often empowers the rank and position on the search pages of application stores – But the TRUTH is Selecting a title name is one-time shot and shifting it often may affect the algorithm since it will discover new characters and start the process from scratch.

  1. Stuffing keywords helps!

Dah. This one is as easy and as tricky as it could be. Keywords are fundamental yet stuffing should be avoided at all times. In ASO, the highest-ranking keywords are important for the purpose of SEO only. In any case, it isn't accurate. In the ASO, the application name with the important keywords become exceptionally noticeable and discoverable. The keywords help in getting the higher odds of top rankings in the App stores. Like SEO, ASO also has a calculation which checks the moving keywords and afterward upgrades the position of your application likewise. Be that as it may, don't stuff such a large number of keywords as it jumbles up everything in the calculation.

  1. Rating is Holy Grail and a measure of what you do.

We agree it’s important but it’s not everything. Rating is a significant factor in each online market and surprisingly in the physical stores too. Each client or purchaser looks for a certainty and trust from other, however, by implication. Here, rating of the item becomes possibly the most important factor. Discussing the application store, the rating of an application straightforwardly impacts the quantity of downloading clicks. Higher the evaluations, more are the likelihood of getting the download and taps on the application. The solitary thing that is important to the clients is the application downloads and how an application fills their need. So, don't run behind the rating factors rather focus on making your application helpful with the most recent highlights for the clients.

  1. People would be able to find us only in the App Store.

Right? Wrong! There are alternate ways. Yes, we realize that for android applications, you go to the Google play store and for iPhones, iTunes. In any case, posting your application on the application stores don't guarantee a heap of downloading taps on your application. There are a great many applications accessible in the play store in every class and your application probably won't lie on the top pages which makes it away from client's scope. Here ASO works really hard in joining the social stages and natural inquiry streamlining strategies to make your application perceived among the application clients.

  1. Content in app description is not as important.

If you believed this one – here’s a reminder from us – Content is king for a reason! If your application won't have a powerful description, it may be left far behind on the last pages of the application store search pages. The convincing portrayal with appropriate keywords and details of the application correctly not just impacts people to download the application yet in addition it is significant for the rank in Google play store.

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