Top 10 Edge Computing Companies In 2022

By NIIT Editorial

Published on 01/11/2021

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Now more than ever, organizations are looking for edge computing solutions thanks to the proliferation of IoT devices. Data from connected devices flood online cloud computing course and platforms as the number of connected devices grow. As a consequence, the need for real-time processing of generated data is becoming increasingly prevalent. Edge computing provides low-latency benefits and close processing to the point of data generation by reducing this amount of data traffic and overload on the cloud.

While most of that data ends up in a cloud service, companies discover that some use cases require that data analytics be done closer to endpoint devices than in centralized corporate data systems; you must handle the data at the edge as well.

This article has listed 10 edge computing vendors below who offer a variety of platforms, DevOps online training, devices, and services for building edge computing ecosystems.

1. Adlink Technology

Whether it’s industrial motherboards or complete systems, ADLINK Technology offers various hardware and software products. As part of its IoT and edge computing portfolio, it provides two multi-access edge computing (MEC) services, along with different IoT hardware and software products. Besides serving many industries, ADLINK delivers solutions for the military, aviation, healthcare, manufacturing, retail, telecommunications, transportation industries, and best cloud training online.

2. Amazon And Verizon

Verizon Communications announced the AWS Wavelength service in late 2019 and would allow developers to deliver applications that require extremely low latency for mobile devices in the 5G era. As part of a pilot program, they integrated Amazon Wavelength with Verizon's edge computing platform, known as 5G Edge, in Chicago and will expand to other U.S. locations by 2020. It is just one of the edge services provided by AWS Wavelength-Verizon 5G Edge.

3. EdgeConneX

A data center at the edge is built and operated by EdgeConneX. Using its platform, 5G networks, and VR, you can test and power the platforms. Defining, creating, and delivering carrier-neutral data center capacity to deliver edge capabilities to the customer and vice versa is the company's goal.

4. Cisco

Besides conventional hardware, such as routers and IoT networking hardware, Cisco offers products and services to support enterprise edge computing applications. In the latter class, the company provides its Edge Series devices, which provide an all-in-one cloud service, open computing system, and the MEC platform. 

Their IC3000 Industrial Compute Gateway, an example of a company's edge products, is secure and manageable on the go for real-time decision-making at the edge using data from multiple sensors. Software for enterprise edge deployments is also available in the company.

5. Dell EMC

Dell EMC, another technology giant with various products across multiple industries, has become a leader in edge computing. The company offers servers and micronodular data centers designed specifically for edge computing applications, among other products. 

Datacenter Dynamics was awarded the Dell EMC Modular Data Center Micro 415 Edge Data Center Project of the Year in 2019 for its role in enabling the rollout of connected vehicle technology by a multinational automotive company.

6. Mutable

The technology behind Mutable's public edge cloud is a pioneer. Application providers, cable operators, and a cloud provider can benefit from low latency, increased security, and operational efficiency provided by edge technology. The platform runs on operators' existing servers and automatically prioritizes their workloads while selling the unused computer capacity via its public cloud and unlocking the full revenue potential for operators.

7. MobiledgeX

Multi-sided mobile edge computing software platform MobiledgeX enables operators, application developers, and a cloud provider to create complex edge applications. Their primary product offering is the Edge-Cloud, an online cloud computing course, which offers telecom companies a platform to develop their edge clouds. It enables applications to run over telcos edge infrastructure, with features like platform-independent SDKs, distributed matching engines, and multi-tenant control panels.

8. Aarna Networks

Besides managing software for 5G and edge computing, Aarna Networks can help businesses create private networks to connect users no matter where they are located. Multi-Cluster Orchestration Platform (AMCOP) from this networking startup provides real-time policy-driven control loop automation within multi-cluster orchestration, lifecycle management, DevOps online training and networking services, and edge computing applications, including enterprise network-as-a-service solutions.

9. Cato Networks

As a deviation from many of its competitors, Cato Networks offers software-defined WANs (SD-WANs) and edge security. Its Secure Access Service Edge (SASE converged into single cloud-native service security and network). A Cato Socket SD-WAN device enables a range of traffic management features, including active-active link usage, QoS-aware user and application prioritization, and dynamic path selection to workaround link blackouts and brownouts.

10. Edge Intelligence

Edge Intelligence designed the Edge Intelligence platform for both edge computing and hybrid cloud environments, making it the industry's first distributed analytics platform. Platforms from the company can analyze data from routers, servers, threat intelligence platforms, and data from geographically distributed devices. Technology, industrial manufacturing, government, and logistics industries can gain insight from data seconds or years old in real-time.

The Bottom Line

Increasing IoT, mobile, and other endpoint device use generates an unprecedented amount of data that organizations must analyze and use to drive actions and decisions. Companies at the edge of computing include established tech companies, startups, and newer entrants. Some vendors offer a range of products and services and the best cloud training online to organizations in various industries.

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