Must-Read Machine Learning Books for all

By NIIT Editorial

Published on 16/09/2021

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The machine learning marketplace is realizing the growth potential predicted by so many studies in the recent past. As per one estimate, the international machine learning market is estimated to be worth US$ 20.83 billion by 2024. Naturally, as this profession picks up, so does the interest of practitioners with relevant skills. Not to mention, job aspirants who want to build rewarding profiles for themselves. Which is why the search for analytics courses online has shot up in geographies areound the world. With all such intermixing cohorts in one basket, we have collated a list of self-help books for readers of the subject. Let us go through the top machine learning books you should read in 2021. 

  1. The Hundred Page Machine Learning book  

This is a short manual on the subject written by Andriy Burkov created with the sole objective of putting things simply for key ML topics. The title has garnered appreciation from subject figureheads such as Peter Norvig, who is the Director of Research at Google. The readers should have a basic understanding of machine learning concepts, otherwise, the content shall pass over their heads. Following a thorough reading of the subject a couple of things that you’ll be good at would be: 

  • Understanding complex AI systems 
  • Crafting your answers for a machine learning interview 
  • (maybe) venture towards setting up a machine learning enterprise

Although the internet is swamped with data science and machine learning courses yet self-help books like this would help you sail through the gushy waters of this domain. 

  1. Programming Collective Intelligence: Building Smart Web 2.0 applications 

This was one of the pioneering books that focused on showcasing Python as a centerpiece for creating web applications. Toby Segaran wrote this in 2007, long before data science was considered a professional hotbed. It is a primer on how to implement machine learning algorithms. It teaches the following: 

  • Gather data from applications 
  • Create data collection algorithms
  • Curating insights from the compiled data  

There are follow-up exercises after each chapter that help you in extending the reach and operational capabilities of the algorithms. 



  1. Machine Learning for Absolute Beginners

As the title goes, this book was written with inquisitive beginners in mind. One of the most frightening prospects for beginners is the volume of programming and mathematics that coders have to delve with. This title is authored with a special emphasis on “Absolute Beginners” by Oliver Theobald for a reason. You wouldn’t be intimidated holding a 169-pager book especially one that accompanies textual explanations with illustrations, where need be. Not going deep into programming, this book touches upon the basics of decision trees, regression analysis, data reduction, k-means, and more. Oliver summarizes the content by sharing a list of machine learning career options open for students. 



  1. Pattern Recognition & Machine Learning 

As the title would suggest, the book is for learners with a certain level of prerequisite knowledge about pattern recognition, multivarious calculus, and algebra. The book deep dives into advances made in the field of machine learning algorithms. It educates readers with data science disciplines like Bayesian theorem, classification, Neural Networks, Graphical Models, and Computer Vision to name some. For interested learners preparing to pass a data data science online course, Pattern Recognition & Machine Learning would come in really handy. 



  1. An Introduction to Statistical Learning 

This book will help you understand statistical learning provided you have a foundational knowledge of linear regression. If working with complex, high-end data sets is what you like, then this book will help you immensely. Some of the concepts covered in the book include: 

  • Linear Regression 
  • Classification 
  • Tree-based models
  • Support vector machines 
  • Resampling methods 

Needless to say, the acquired knowledge from this book also helps learners become qualified professionals and gain a data science certificate online. 




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