8 Skills Every SEO Professional Needs

By NIIT Editorial

Published on 23/10/2021

6 minutes

Despite being around for a couple of decades, search engine optimization still doesn’t get the credit it deserves. As per an Ahrefs study, 90.63% of pages get negligible organic traffic from Google. Imagine the volume of businesses that need to up their game SEO game. Be that as it may, the demand for SEO professionals with an all-around performance aspect is high. As a result, digital marketing online training programs are including SEO as a specialization in their course content. More on that later, for now, let us look at some of the high-priority skills SEO marketers should target. 

Critical Thinking 

SEO is a very subjective field. SEO marketers should have the mindset to evaluate a situation as critically as possible. At the least, upon coming across a situation they should be able to boil down the answers to 3 important questions: 

  • What transpired? 
  • Why did it transpire?
  • What is the solution around it?

These days, the course content of an advance digital marketing course would ensure candidates are trained on such business vectors so marketers have the confidence to implement improvement measures rapidly. 

Copy Writing 

An SEO marketer who does his/her own keyword analysis and has the linguistic expertise to integrate the same in content development is a rare and deadly combo to find. A PGDM in digital marketing ensures you have the functional know-how to combine insightful SEO findings with content creation. 


Although knowing how to code is not a prerequisite for aspiring SEO marketers but it is one of those good-to-have things on your resume. Technical SEO includes elements such as website architecture, content crawling, indexing, and rendering to improve the organic ranking for results. Knowledge of frontend/backend languages such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript helps you convey your point emphatically to developers in turn helping IT teams meet expectations. An industry-standard diploma in digital marketing course trains you with read-write operations in the aforementioned languages to help you excel in your career. 


Adobe and Google Analytics are probably two of the most used services to compile data for website traffic. SEO marketers would do themselves a great favor if instead of relying on someone else they knew the shortcuts to extract their own data from such sources. Data sourcing and segmentation are critical elements of SEO. Therefore, you should target to acquire such expertise either from free-to-access tutorials (if that helps) or by virtue of a diploma in digital marketing online. 

Data Manipulation  

Excel is still the staple tool for seasoned SEO experts as it helps in tabulating, organizing, and understanding SEO data. Aspiring SEO marketers should know how to leverage typical excel functionalities such as the ‘IF’ function, pivot tables, extracting data through ‘REGEXTRACT’, and integrating formulas. Sooner than later excel will show its utility in your everyday work life which is why advanced digital marketing programs are gaining traction nowadays. 


As mentioned before SEO takes time to show improvements. Consistency is the key. Often when organic rankings do not improve, SEO professionals lower their spirits and route for alternate approaches. Experimentation and persistence go hand in hand. Therefore, self-starter, motivated individuals make for successful SEO practitioners in the long run. 

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