Can Social Media Get You Hired?

By NIIT Editorial

Published on 03/03/2021

6 minutes

Social media is one of the greatest inventions of the digital age. Not only does it give a libertarian platform to individuals to express their opinion but also glues vast networks of people spread across continents. In doing so, and connecting one professional to another such as happens on LinkedIn, there emerges an opportunity to exchange ideas and mindsets of career jumps. 


As it turns out, LinkedIn is not the only place you can help find a job. People are using Facebook, and Twitter equally well to demonstrate their area of expertise. Here is how even you can onboard the social media bandwagon and buy yourself token endorsements to do better professionally. 


Portray Your Area of Interest  


The recruiters leave no stone unturned when it comes to profiling your social history. Although this is the subject of many debates that argue in favor of privacy and distinguishing between personal and professional lives, yet there is little we can do to change it. It could be beneficial if personal social handles reflect your expertise and areas of interest. 


Seldom posts on your nature of work or recent accomplishments might nudge curiosity in others to discuss the same with you. Before you know, you could inadvertently be advertising to your next employer while at the same time sharing tidbits of personal life, in a way having already cleared social profiling tests. 


Maintain Dignified Behavior 


Often in the spur of the moment, people post haphazard photos online that may send an impetuous, reckless impression out to others. Since we are in the age of digital, such momentary lapses could backfire heavily in background checks conducted by the recruiters. Although political correctness is a heated topic these days, yet being diplomatic has more upsides than people assume. Not saying you are not free to post as you wish, but try and cleanse your social profiles from something that could be classified as ‘objectionable’ content. 



The gig economy runs on a simple rule of networking. The more people you know, the higher your chances of sourcing work and additional income. Even if that is not your aim, there is no harm in connecting with professionals from diverse backgrounds and exchanging opinions on the latest trends. You could offer free advice on subjects related to your domain and if that clicks right, could earn you a following. Social media gives you a platform to establish yourself as an influencer with the power to deliver true impact. 


Display Your Prowess 


The smartest lot doesn’t leave anything upto chance. Using multiple social networks they weave a fabric of interlinks that guides even first-time users to their best professional specimens. Videos, articles, stories, and photo-albums are used to depict professional achievements and create opportunities for opening up discussions with people online. Sharing and spreading the word about your best work is highly recommended as it binds a web of uniformity on each social handle connected with you and make it possible for people to be aware of your professional standing regardless of the social platform.

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