Popular CMS tools for 2022

By NIIT Editorial

Published on 03/02/2022

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WordPress is one of the most recognizable CMS brands out there. The company started in 2003 and has since captured market share as the leading website builder. WordPress offers scores of functionalities, widgets, and design templates to add content, images, and videos to your website. Further, you can personalize the website with third-party apps and plug-ins for the intended UI outcomes. In addition to downloading it from WordPress.org, users have the option to purchase domain names and hosting rights from the platform. Users who want to get started with owning and operating a website can do so at a nominal fee of $25 per month with access to unlimited storage and their very own custom domain. 



This is an identical platform to WordPress with having started somewhere around the same time as the latter. It is a one-stop-shop website builder offering services like website development, creating blogging platforms, and web hosting. If you are short on time and need the heavy lifting part of website development to be taken care of, then Squarespace is the software for you. You can add suitable images, background text, and video animations to make the design more appealing. What’s more? 

You can build e-commerce stores without investing millions towards the website infrastructure. 



You can do a lot with Magnolia. This is open-source CMS software that allows you to do a number of things. For instance, you can build full-fledged websites, microsites, performance landing pages, and sign-up forms. It also offers users content authoring tools through which you can integrate standard fields and populate the same with relevant content blocks. Omni-channel campaigns that redirect to the website can be efficiently built with Magnolia. E-commerce, static site generation, and plug-in functionality for optimizing SEO methodologies is also something you can do with Magnolia. Some additional features of this software include but are note limited to the following: 

  • Multi-site management
  • Image recognition 
  • Custom workflows 
  • A/B testing 
  • Analytics & insights 
  • Digital Signage 



Weeble is a renowned CMS that is built with a view to offering extensible developer options and convenience of use. It has a large user base alongside immense customization options. Websites built on Weebly are known to have a quick page-load speed. Since the backend infrastructure is secure with state-of-the-art technologies, websites developed on this platform offer a high level of page security. You can even add animation capabilities to your website on Weebly. New users can try out Weebly with limited features through a freemium version. User testimonials attest to its utility being apt for small and medium enterprises.



For many, Wix is just as powerful as the best CRM platforms out there in the industry. As far as tools for beginners go, you can build a publishable website within an hour on Wix. It makes content management that much easier. This platform facilitates enough manoeuvers to transfer content from any other CMS onto its platform without hassle. Highly rated features of their services include high-end design integration, 100+ options for font selection, integrated live-chat for real-time communication with customers, SSL security for credible transfer of data between clients, and easy to understand dashboard with built-in analytics. 


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